E3 2014 Interview: Shinji Mikami on The Evil Within


Jorge got a chance to catch Shinji Mikami at E3 to talk and ask a few questions about The Evil Within, the balance of horror in the game, and on the state of horror games as a whole. You can check out the interview below.

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  • Rick

    Great interview guys! Really looking forward to this game

  • Dino Zulim

    Awesome interview!

  • 0ui

    Still excited for this game. Hurry up October!

  • John Perkins

    looking forward to October release…hopefully I don’t pee my pants on this one like I did with RE4.

  • Whitney Chavis

    CJ looks like Oda…confirmed!

  • Steven Bayne

    You lucky dog. I bet it was definitely an honor to meet the father of survival horror. I’m so jealuos of you.


    This is such a a lame interview. Way to reiterate everything he’s already stated.

  • Dfs

    Awesome. 3 more weeks until the game is released.


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