Resident Evil Timeline 11 articles


1 9 2 1 James Marcus is born. 1 9 3 9 James Marcus graduates. 1 9 5 3 1. Lisa Trevor is born. 2. Kenneth J. Sullivan is born. 3. Mikhail Victor is born. 1 9 5 7 Enrico Marini is born. 1 9 5 8 Robert Kendo is born. Circa 1 9 5 […]


1 9 6 6 1. Tyrell Patrick is born. 2. Rodriguez Juan Ravel is born. 1 9 6 7 Ozwell E. Spencer, James Marcus and Edward Ashford realise the potential of the Mother virus. As a result Spencer moves forwards his plans for a pharmaceutical company. November 10th The Progenitor Virus is administered throughout Jessica […]


1 9 7 0 Construction ends on the Antarctic Base – the base represents aspects of the Spencer Mansion. 1 9 7 1 1. Alexia and Alfred Ashford are born after an experiment combining Veronica Ashford’s DNA within the fertility. Alexia is to be the perfect reincarnation, and Alfred is a by-product of the experiment. […]


1 9 7 6 The Ebola virus is discovered in Africa. 1 9 7 7 Leon S. Kennedy is born. Carlos Oliveria is born. September 2nd William Birkin and Albert Wesker begin their days under Umbrella. The Assistant Director of the training facility notes on the new recruits: A useless bunch of trainees, as always. […]


1 9 8 1 Steve Burnside is born. As a result of 3 years of solid research on the T-Virus, the research moves into the second stage. The virus becomes stable enough and the first zombies are created as a result. However, the virus only spread to like 90% of people like the Ebola virus. […]


1 9 8 6 William Birkin marries fellow researcher Annette, and before long Sherry Birkin is born. 1 9 8 7 Michael Warren becomes Mayor of Raccoon City after a successful campaign. 1 9 8 8 With the T-Virus completed, Spencer sees no reason to keep Marcus alive. He sends Birkin and Wesker, as well […]


1 9 9 1 1. Seeking Spencer’s motives, Wesker transfers from Arklay’s Chief Researcher to the Information Bureau (or Secret Service) [Information Bureau was capitalized in the actual report]. Much to Wesker’s surprise, William Birkin’s G-Virus research is approved by Spencer and is given his own laboratory deep beneath Raccoon City to facilitate the project. […]


Circa 1 9 9 5 A youthful scientist, John, who is one day going to be an acquaintance of Ada Wong, begins to work as a Chief Researcher at the Spencer Mansion having transported from the Chicago laboratories. A final order is issued for Lisa Trevor – the termination order. Her behaviour began to get […]


2 0 0 2 April 7th A report is made on Morpheus’ Island describing a new creature: The unknown water creatures are increasing rapidly, primarily in the drainage ditch. Since their body fluid contains strong acids, they are extremely dangerous to touch. I named them “Torpedo Kids”, since they swim like torpedoes. April 9th Another […]


BIOHAZARD – THE QUESTIONS Below is a section that I have chosen to include as I can imagine there will be many questions about why I have chosen to have certain things the way they are. This section will also feature what people may ask of the plot-holes. As someone who tries to include everything, […]

RE Outbreak: Placing the Scenarios

RESIDENT EVIL OUTBREAK – PLACING THE SCENARIOS This section is really used for me to explain exactly how and why I have chosen the relative times for the scenarios with regard to the overall timeline, and how I came to these decisions. It is mainly through fact and through some educated guesses. OUTBREAK FILE # […]