Resident Evil B.O.W.’s 24 articles

William Birkin (5 forms)

G-Virus The G-virus was discovered by Dr William Birkin in the Arkley labs on July 1st 1988. The Arkley labs had obtained a sample of the rare NE-Alpha and were testing it on a specimen, Lisa Trevor, when the parasite was mysteriously absorbed into her body. The parasite incubated in Lisa’ boy for a total […]

Thantos Tyrant (2 forms)

Thanatos This Tyrant was created by a renegade Umbrella researcher during the Raccoon City incident. This Tyrant is far more agile than the others and extremely resistant to small arms fire. Mutation 1 An aggressive mutation created the Thanatos-R. Like the Hypnos Tyrant’s mutations it has increased in strength and speed. It can stretch its […]

T-103 (both forms)

T-103 The mass-production model of the Tyrant. The high incompatibility ratio was solved by injecting subjects with beta hetero-nonserotonin. This substance is an adrenal based neurotransmitter extracted from the locus ceruleus. A vast supply was found in the form of transients, homeless people and various others from third world countries that no one would miss […]


T-078 The T-078 was another attempt to improve on the T-103. The specimen was transported to Rockfort Island to provide extra security for the base there. It features huge club like hands, which are very adept at breaking down obstacles. It was released during a viral outbreak. The fact that it continued to track its […]


T-002 The second prototype. This specimen was created at the Arkley labs with most of the research carried out by Albert Wesker. The T-002 was released during the Mansion Incident> Its claws are more developed but its heart is still exposed giving it a weakness. This specimen was also killed by STARS members.


T-001 The goal of the Tyrant Program was to create a “super-soldier” that retained some semblance of intelligence. Only one in ten million people had the correct genetic code that would cause them to become Tyrants upon infection of the T-virus. The majority of research was carried out by Dr William Birkin, Dr James Marcus […]


Nemesis Nemesis is one of the deadliest BOWs ever created. Part of the Tyrant Project, the NE-T virus was used in its conception at the main Umbrella Facility in Paris. The first Nemesis was created when the NE-Alpha was inserted into the spine of a T-103. This was the Nemesis T-type. The parasite stimulates the […]

Hypnos Tyrant (3 forms)

Hypnos Tyrant This Tyrant was an experiment carried out on Sheen Island to see if Umbrella could improve on its T-103 model. This Tyrant continues to mutate, similar to that of a G-type. Its first from is relatively weak, able to be stopped by most firearms. Its enlarged claw is still deadly though. Mutation 1 […]

Dr. James Marcus (3 forms)

Dr. James Marcus Dr. James Marcus was one of the original co-founders of Umbrella. Born in 1921, he was responsible for the very first research into a mutagenic virus. He and Dr Edward Ashford discovered the Progenitor virus on December 4th 1967. Four months later Umbrella was founded and Spencer asked Marcus to be director […]

Cleaner / Cleaner Leader

Cleaner These are genetically enhanced soldiers used by Umbrella when containing fallout from any viral outbreaks. They are resistant to the T-virus and are ideal when missions are required to take place in contaminated areas. Their enlarged upper bodies give them increased strength and agility, although this has had the effect of reducing their intelligence. […]

Alexia Ashford (4 forms)

Alexia Ashford Alexia Ashford is the granddaughter of Edward Ashford, co-founder of Umbrella. She was born alongside Alfred Ashford in 1971, as a result of the Code: Veronica project, performed by Alexander Ashford in the Antarctic Research Facility. She was created using the DNA of their ancestor Veronica Ashford, and placed into the egg of […]

Scorpion Type Y-139

Scorpion Type Y-139 This was an early experiment utilising the T-virus on insects. As with most creatures that are relatively low down the evolutionary ladder, no major mutations occurred and the test subject simply increased in size and strength. This BOW was sighted in Raccoon Forest and was reportedly killed by STARS members. Like all […]

Proto-Licker / Licker

Proto-Licker In extreme circumstances a Crimson Head can mutate into a Licker naturally, usually caused by exposure to high concentrations of the T-virus over long periods of time. This is extremely rare, as very few Crimson Heads survive long enough to incubate the virus for the amount of time required. Only once has this event […]


Hunter The Hunter is one of Umbrella’s most successful BOWs. It is easily identifiable due to its reptilian appearance. It is created when the T-virus is directly introduced into human DNA through gene therapy. Reptilian DNA is also added. Consequently, the Hunter is far more expensive and takes longer to create than some of the […]


Chimera The first experiment in creating a genetically enhanced BOW. This creature is the result of the splicing of human DNA with fly DNA. The T-virus RNA sequence was also incorporated. Chimeras are capable of climbing up walls. Their preferred method of attack is to hang upside down on ceilings and slit their victims throat […]


Bee An accidental infection in the Arkley Labs caused this colony to increase in size and aggressiveness. They are extremely territorial and swarm around intended victims. Capable of poisoning targets, they move very fast. But they have not reacted as favourably to the T-virus as other insects and have only increased in size by 400%. […]


Crow This BOW was created through accidental contamination. They attack in flocks, usually targeting the victim’s eyes and face. They are easily killed by just a few bullets, but they move quicker than normal making them hard to hit.


Cerberus Named after the mythical guardian of the Greek Underworld, this BOW is a Doberman infected with the T-virus, increasing its strength, agility and aggressiveness. One of the earlier experiments, it was considered too ineffective compared to other BOWs. Most Cerberuses are now created through accidental infection. Due to the necrotising effects of the T-virus […]

Zombie / Crimson Head

Zombie The mainstay of Umbrella’s BOWs. The zombie was the primary goal of the T-virus. It moves relatively slowly searching for living flesh to feast on. Their main weapon is their teeth. After a long period of time the necrotising effects of the virus break down the body until it begins to fall apart, decreasing […]

Wesker Virus

Very little is known about this virus. It was created by Dr. William Birkin for the use of Captain Albert Wesker when he faked his death in 1998. This virus increases the metabolism of a person, giving them incredible strength, speed and regenerative abilities, which is why it is believed to be a mild version […]

NE-T Virus

The NE-T virus has very similar properties to the T-virus, but it was designed specifically in relation to the Tyrant Project. In response to reports of the T-002’s failure, a new project was started. Its original goal was to ensure the destruction of all anti-umbrella elements, specifically STARS members. It was given the grandiose title […]

T-Veronica Virus

This virus was created by Alexia Ashford when she combined the Progenitor virus with an ancient virus found within the genes of a Queen Ant. Direct injection causes rapid cellular mutations and a necrotic effect on the host, and also kills off any sentient behaviour. When this virus is absorbed over a cryostatic period of […]


The T-virus or Tyrant virus is Umbrella’s main biological weapon, responsible for the creation of most of their BOWs. Research for it began in 1978 at the Arkley Labs. The Ebola virus had been recently discovered in Africa and was immediately spotted as a weapon with limitless potential due to its 90% death rate. Umbrella […]

Progenitor Virus

Also known as the Founder virus and the Mother virus, the Progenitor virus was the very first mutagenic virus ever discovered, and would serve as a base for most of Umbrella’s later viruses. It was discovered by Dr James Marcus, Dr Edward Ashford and Lord Oswell E. Spencer on December 4th 1967. Further research on […]