Heavy Rain 5 articles

Heavy Rain Characters

Heavy Rain puts you in the shoes of four separate characters.  Their paths will intertwine at various points in the game, and each one of them with similar motivations for finding the Origami Killer.  The choices you make in the game will affect their fate, and the fate of other characters in the game. Main […]

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Heavy Rain Endings Guide

There are a total of 7 endings in Heavy Rain that can be unlocked.  Each one requires a different set of actions to be completed during the game.  To get the Platinum Trophy for Heavy Rain, you need to see all of the endings the game has to offer.  If you don’t know how to […]

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Heavy Rain In-Depth Trophy Guide

Despite being referred to repeatedly by critics as nothing more than a several-hour quick-time-event (which us at RoH whole-heartedly disagree with), obtaining all 57 trophies in Heavy Rain is a lot more complicated than pushing X. We’ve compiled a guide on how to best obtain all of the trophies that Heavy Rain has to offer.  […]

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Heavy Rain Trophy List

Heavy Rain contains a nice set of 57 trophies to unlock.  Unfortunately, the game is pretty mum on how to obtain those trophies.  Unlike in other games, where you can look at the trophy set through the XMB, Quantic Dream leaves you guessing on how to collect them.  That makes getting that Platinum trophy a […]

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