The top 5 most anticipated horror games of 2010

2010 is here and we are looking into a tasteful year for survival horror and horror themed games.

Here are the probably most anticipated horror games of 2010:

5. Metro 2033

This horror themed first person shooter is being developed in Kiew, even consisting of ex GSC Gameworld members. GSC Gameworld is responsible for the popular Stalker series. Unlike Stalker, Metro 2033 is no open-world shooter but has a strong focus on the story, which is based on Dmitry Glukhovskys book which is also entitled Metro 2033. The game lives off its eerie athmosphere and the developers have included even the most minor detail to make this a gruesome experience to the player.

Metro 2033 is coming out in March 2010 for PC and Xbox360. Watch the first trailer below:

4. Bioshock 2

Number 4 in our list is reserved for Irrational Games’ Bioshock 2. The sequel to the popular underwater horror shooter will again frighten player due to its authentic environment and great audio and visuals.

Bioshock 2 is coming out on February 9th 2010 for Xbox360, PS3 and PC. Watch the latest trailer below:

3. Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain is said to be a psychological thriller with an evolving story. Choices and actions can result in dramatic consequences for the story. Heavy Rain will also feature a unique control sheme and many context sensitive actions.

Heavy Rain is coming out in February 2010 for PS3. Watch the latest trailer below:

2. Alan Wake

2010 will  finally be the year when Alan Wake hits store shelves. The much anticipated psycho-thriller which is in development for a few years now is shaping up to be one of the top titles in 2010 even looking outside of the horror genre. Alan Wake is set up in episodes, much like popular TV series do it to generate extra tension. The creators of Max Payne plan to serve one of the best stories in videogame history alongside its strong technical part.

Alan Wake is coming out in May 2010 for Xbox360 and shortly after on PC. Watch the latest trailer below:

1. Dead Space 2

One of the most frightening games of all time is getting a well deserved sequel! I have to admit that it was a close one between Alan Wake and Dead Space 2 as to which game will be on top of our list.  Dead Space 2 is a game purely focused on horror and survival, even if the developers Visceral Games have stated that they plan to balance out the real gruesome events with a bit more action. Sadly there’s no trailer available yet, we still believe Dead Space 2 will be one of the most important releases in 2010. EA’s plan to open the series to a wider audience hopefully will also help to get higher sales figures, seing the financial failure of Dead Space Extraction on the Wii.

Dead Space 2 will most likely be released in Fall 2010. Watch some images and magazine scans below:

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  • Chalupa pie

    Are you fucking kidding me? Dead Space 2? Dead Space 2 is nothing compared to Amnesia The Dark Descent. Of course Amnesia The Dark Descent is a PC and Mac exclusive indie game so you main stream types wouldn’t know much about it. But Dead Space 2 gave you strong weapons against the monsters. All Dead Space 2 did to me was startle me. Startling is not TRUE fear. Amnesia Dark Descent shows what true fear is. You have NO guns and your only self defense is running and hiding. Making you constantly paranoid if there’s a monster around the corner. And if said monster spots you it chases you down a corridor until you find a place to hide or run in terror until it rips your face on. That my friends, is true horror.

  • Chalupa pie

    rips your face off* sorry about that error.

  • Strangely

    I have to agree with Chalupa on this… Easily best horror game of last year was Amnesia: Dark Descent. I would put that in the top 5 of the last decade (possibly.) I enjoyed Dead Space and Dead Space 2, but I wouldn’t put it on top.

  • Random

    What, wheres amnesia? That is MILLION times more scarier than DS2. I have played both and whats so scary in DS2? NOTHING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. It is only “boo” horror where just suddenly some vreep jump from nowhere. In amnesia u really feel ure sqrewed. All the sounds etc. Those are only the top 5 shooting “horror” games. Not the scary horrors

  • Niklas

    without Amnesia = awful list. seriously? dead space 2?

  • Sorry guys, I changed the title of this article to what is was always supposed to be. We still haven’t done our “best of horror in 2010 feature”.

  • Elyssa

    Amnesia The Dark Descent may be a very scary game, yes, but everyone has their own opinions & variations of what “scary” is & apparently none of you have tried “hard core” mode on Dead Space 2, every weapon in the game is pretty useless unless you can aim with precision, you only get 3 saves in whats hours worth of gameplay, & in “hard core” mode, yes, it’s pretty fuckin’ hard. anyway, i think that element adds to the “horror” of dying [having to start hours over] but i think there is definitely room for both games on this list, just from different elements that make up “horror”.

  • Faysal

    I have 2 say (Elyssa)had a point. I play both of the games but i enjoy dead space 1 & 2 more than ATDD.if u want 2 rate by horror only no fun not a littel bit of fun ATDD is the best.But if u say a horror game (game = fun) i say dead space 2.[sry if i hurt any of u ppl]

  • Stylen51

    Each game has its own verson of “horror”. In Amnesia, it imerses you in the whole experience. In DS2 it is the fear of dying and having to do all the work you did before all over


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