Resident Evil: Revelations Video UPDATE!

The folks over at Nintendo Everything have scored an exclusive video for the new Nintendo 3DS game Resident Evil: Revelations.  It took us a few days, but we finally managed to get an embed code, so if you didn’t want to head over to Nintendo Everything before to take a look at the video, you can take a look at the video here now.

The level of detail in this video is outstanding!  If this is what the 3Ds has in store, count me in the early-adopter’s line, even if it does make me go cross-eyed empty my pockets significantly.  In looking at this, you almost forget that this is a portable console.  The PSP better put-out man, big time.  But looks aren’t everything, right?  There’s more to prospective game purchases than what they look like.

Of all the head-scratchers of the RE-universe, this one is pretty high up there.   What we can see is that whenever this takes place, Chris has somehow screwed the pooch, that much he admits to.  But what happened?  The woman in the initial shots is indeed Jill Valentine, but the man in the chair, previously thought to be Chris Redfield is…someone else.  Someone with a similar build, but a distinctive accent.  The last remaining Wesker Child, Alex perhaps?  Hey, at least we’d know they were going somewhere with that instead of just leaving us hanging..If this takes place ‘after’ Resident Evil 5, Alex Wesker would be the last of the remaining Wesker Children (for the uninitiated, Capcom’s semi-rip-off of Les Enfants Terribles) and would be most likely a person that the BSAA are after, him being…super intelligent and possessing super-strength and obviously wanting the end of civilization as we know it.

Or is it just yet another one of Umbrella’s leftovers? Someone else we might have seen before?  Could this be the return of Barry Burton?!  Uhm…that’s…a little unlikely, even in the RE Universe.  So who the hell is it?  And what is ‘it’ that they’re talking about?  Chris obviously doesn’t have it, that much is for sure.  The whole “you’ll have to kill me to find out” spiel is a bluff.  But Jill doesn’t seem all “partner” happy to see him.

No, it looks like she might actually do the kind of thing like…call his bluff.

With files from Nintendo Everything

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  • bubba

    Doesn’t it strike anyone else that they guy in the chair is Hunk? We already know that is his basic look and build from the RE3 epilogues. It seems even more likely because they keep cutting to him (Hunk) in the little flashbacks.

  • scooter

    i agree bubba, think about it, it makes sense. he says he always managed to get through, just like Mr. Death was always able to make it out alive. i’m still crazy confused about why jill pulls a gun on chris though, and what they’re talking about!

  • I agree it is HUNK but they purposely seemed to make the audience think it was Chris, not to mention it looks a lot like Chris and Jill refers to the guy in the chair and then Chris answers… A bit too confusing to pinpoint right now.

  • JFreeman

    Hey, I think I have a pretty good theory as to what Chris and Jill are talking about.

    Remember the files you are able to read in Lost in Nightmares? They speak of Alex Wesker and his immortality virus, and the fact that he and the virus are missing.

    When Jill points the gun at Chirs and says “Do you have it?” and he responds with “You will have to kill me to find out…”, I beleive Chris has somehow obtained the imortality virus, and that is what they are on about.

  • That’s a pretty good theory J. As a matter of fact, that sounds like an awesome theory! Too early to tell now though. I’m willing to bet that the guy in the chair is Alex Wesker. Like I mentioned in the article, if this takes place after RE5, then that would be someone they’d definitely be looking for. Chris might be interested in that “immortality” virus as well so he can keep working for a better tomorrow. IDK, that was kind of f-ed up.

    Only time will tell I guess 😛

  • scooter

    that makes sense too, but still doesnt really explain why she pulls a gun on Chris

  • Elyssa

    I can definitely see how JFreeman’s comment/theory makes a bunch of sense. Adding to that theory, it seems like the person in the chair is going to say “dead” after “it doesn’t matter, because you’re already…” & that could maybe mean it doesn’t matter if Chris has the immortality virus or not because the said guy in the chair is about to get loose from the chair & thus ensuing a fight scene where guy in chair believes he will kill Chris/Jill before they get to use/take the immortality virus. Just food for thought… We won’t know until it comes out though. Haha, we could all be completely wrong.


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