Resident Evil Revelations Theories

Resident Evil Revelations was one of Capcom’s surprises for the still on-going E3 2010. And what a surprise it was, seeing as how it’s landing on the Nintendo 3DS. There is no concrete information on anything plot related other than Chris , Jill, and Hunk being set to make an appearance. We also get shots of the Resident Evil classic duo traversing through what looks like a Lost in Nightmares scenario. Then we get a shot of a ship, and series enthusiasts are instantly brought a back to Resident Evil Gaiden. The screens don’t end there though, we also get a shot of Jill holding Chris…and Chris(?) at gun point. So yeah there is some analyzing to be done, which is what I’ll be doing as I take you through the aforementioned shots complimenting them with theories as to not just what’s actually going on within the frame, but what this could mean for Revelations’ plot. So let’s start!

Okay the above images are pretty straightforward, Chris and Jill going through the Spencer Estate ala’ Lost in Nightmares. Now with the image that has also surfaced of a ship, many sites are claiming that the game takes place in that ship. They are all wrong, yes, maybe a certain scenario of the game may take place on the ship but in no way the whole game(more on this later). So it’s obvious that we’re once again going to get to play through the Lost in Nightmares scenario, to a certain extent as we can see in the following images.

Now things get interesting, and take a “Kojima-like” twist. We see Jill holding her gun up at Chris and also at an individual sitting down probably being held captive. This damn well didn’t occur or was even hinted at during Lost in Nightmares, but then again maybe Capcom didn’t give us the whole scenario in its entirety. But that aside, this could be another mission that Jill and Chris took part in, seeing as how they’re still donning their BSAA get ups. We get the same feeling Jill invokes in these shots, WTF? So now there’s a Chris clone? I can’t comment on this just yet without anything else to go by but I am interested in where this potential plot point could go. Maybe this indicates how we’ll be playing through various missions Chris and Jill took on for the BSAA. Now let’s get on to Hunk and another potential setting for the game.

Here we see Hunk in a scene that’s kind of hard to make out, but it seems that he’s maybe going up a set of stairs in a very cramped up environment. Now here’s where the ship comes in. I firmly believe that the ship relates to what players will be experiencing when they play Hunk’s chapter of Revelations. Hunk is probably going to be assigned to retrieve a sample of some virus on board that ship for transport or maybe it has already broke out. Knowing past games, the scenario will most likely be the latter with Hunk caught in a total outbreak but it shouldn’t prove to be much of a problem having the skills he has. But still, it’ll make for quite an awesome scenario. And to further prove this, for the sake of  not just being a Resident Evil fan-boy making a crazy theory, take a look at the picture below taken from Resident Evil 4’s mercenaries mode where Hunk was playable.(sorry for the crappy quality)

Oh yeah remember that? The shot shows Hunk standing with his back facing us on board what looks like could be the same ship seen in Revelations. Looks like we’re finally going to see what Hunk was up to while the main story was occurring. Which leads to another topic: the structure of Resident Evil Revelations.

This game might turn out to be a series of scenarios giving us insight into what was going on behind the scenes while the main events of the Resident Evil storyline were taking place. So we got Lost in Nightmares, a mysterious BSAA mission, and Hunk’s mission aboard a massive ship. Who knows what other scenarios we’ll get, but I sure am excited and totally anticipating this title.

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  • MrHalfawake

    Well given the nature of it being a hand held I’m actually expecting to this be more of a multi player type scenario. And two players both happended to pick Chris

  • I can’t be the only one who thinks that doesn’t look like Jill. It looks like some sort of cross between Jill and Sheva–it doesn’t look like Jill at all. Has it been confirmed?

  • jeeves86 , I agree with you 0_0..
    She looks like Ada!
    Oh maybe Leon will be there chasing her xD.
    Damn! I’m so excited!!!
    but.. it would be better if its on PS3
    coz I want to play it on big screen <3!

  • Oldskool

    I like how you made the connection with Hunk from RE4, but, I beat you to it. I posted over at GameFAQs the same exact theory a day before you did. I guess we have sharp eyes for stuff like that. Anyway, I just want to say that the ship reminds me more of the Spencer Rain from Resident Evil Dead Aim. Also, the segment with Jill and Chris and… Chris, could be taking place after the events of Resident Evil 5. Jill could have easily dyed her hair back to her original color. Though the screens that look like Lost in Nightmares has me stumped quite a bit.

  • Hey Oldskool yea you beat me there! I was always wondering about that image of Hunk just chilling there, had to be something to it. But yeah that whole Lost in Nightmares-like scene has me confused and thinking that we might play through it again. As for the comment on this being multiplayer , it might turn out to be co-op but I don’t think that answers the Chris clone thing.

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  • Great information! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks!

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  • Ryan.

    Okay Resident evil-fanboy, your not looking hard enough.
    First, the dude in the chair, thats not another Chris, Its Hunk unmasked, if you have played Resident evil 2’s The 4th survivor with hunk, you will notice that when you finish as Hunk enters the helicopter he takes his helm and his face shows in the reflection. Now Compare that face to this face and Its a 95% match. Mr. Death is unmasked. And the narrator is Hunk. If you seen the trailer he says that this time he had failed. He has been unmasked and/or failed to get w/e virus he suppose to get. Btw, Jill is immune to almost all viruses as stated in Resident evil 5 logos due to the injection Carlos gave her in Resident Evil 3. Omg this game has me crazy and i MUST get it. Btw no hard feelings Im a TOTAL Resident evil Fanboy freak. Enjoy.

  • andy

    Got word that it’s a rework of Gaiden. That isn’t Hunk in the chair. That’s an impostor Chris. The quote “You’ll have to kill me to find out” referring to the ‘green blood’ differentiating between the impostor and the real Chris.

  • Oh Andy. Nothing against you or the comment, but that news just makes me facepalm. The fact that it’s probably right makes me do it twice.

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  • Xavier Felix

    you’re all wrong . That guy sitting in the share is Hunk…his blonde … i remember a game i finish that shows Hunk face.

  • davie boi

    you are ALL wrong – the guy in the chair is Barak Obama!!

  • towell

    Dude in the chair is Hunk. Just look at the pants he’s wearing and then pause on Hunk’s scene in the trailer. They are the same. Same pants, same guy.

  • Nomad-Fail

    The dude in the chair is HUNK, blonde hair, cargo pants, Aussie Accent?.. The narration is Chris who “messed up” somehow.. My theory for the story is that Umbrella continued its reasearch secretely with funding from Tricell, and the ship they are on is a replica of the Spencer Estate from RE1… A virus leaked on the ship and HUNK is sent in to retrieve a sample of this new virus, or an important Umbrella asset, where as Chris and Jell are sent in, for search and rescue or for investagation orderd by BSAA.. They somehow both get infected, leaving them desperate, they go in search for the cure, which of course, there is only one, so they fight over who lives and who dies, while running into Umbrellas HUNK, they clash

  • ReJill

    Personally, i received information from a site that the game makers spilled some news. This game not only takes place on the ship, like JBOC mentioned, it takes place on the Spencer Estate in Lost in Nightmares. It’s showing a few of Chris’s and Jill’s missions, the first one including the ship, the last one in the Spencer Estate before Jill sacrificed herself, where resident evil 5 takes off. This timeline is 2005, all of it. I mean, the Spencer Estate took place in 2005, so does the ship! Why not add them together? Jill doesn’t know which guy is Chris, so she doesn’t know who to finish off. One is either an imposter or HUNK, and bout Andy’s theory… your right about what Chris means by saying “You’re going to have to kill me to find out…” I’m not definitely certain about if the other Chris is HUNK or an imposter, but, Chris could be the one in the chair, where he goes over his life and messed up, or capcom did that to confuse us. I also have a theory to Jill’s look. They changed Chris, so they wanted a new look with Jill, or they might not have liked her last look? Her face lift looks like sh**t. She looks younger on resident evil 5. Anyway, they advanced resident evil revelutions, by adding better fear than before(better than re1 remake) and a much stranger storyline. No negative comments, please.

  • ReJill

    So you’re all right and wrong…

  • Blake

    So yes and no. Yes a portion will be taking part on the ship, we know that. So, we see to two Chris right? Well, one of them isn’t Chris, that’s why Jill’s a little gun pointy. But, as we’ve now seen, that Chris in the chair has a Aussie accent, so we can safely assume he’s not the real Chris. Now Jill speaks of Chris having something. I’m gonna rewind us to the Spencer Estate mission. Reading the memoirs we learn of Alex Wesker the only other Wesker to survive who appears to be even more dangerously awesome than Wesker. So what Jill wants to know if Chris has what is probably that immortality serum that Alex developed and hid away with prior to Resident Evil 5, when about this takes place. You she then tells chair Chris he’ll never get away with this, then the other Chris comes in and says he already has. So this might mean Chris is actually planning something, and pointed at chair Chris cause she thought he was the real one, who said he already did said unknown thing. So the *Aussie* (chair) Chris then states “…it doesn’t matter, because you’re already…” we assume dead, but that last word can change everything if it’s not dead. So now that we understand why everyone’s gun pointy, I’m willing to point out that Aussie Chris is probably not HUNK but that’s hard to prove. Simply explained, HUNK is not voiced as Australian, but we’ve had weirder things explained. I’m putting my money on him being Alex Wesker with some confuse Jill agenda by looking Chris-ish. You notice that Narrator Chris talks of messing up. This is followed by flashes of HUNK fending off zombies, flashes of the ship being hit by a wave, and the replica Spencer Mansion in the ship (yes that’s what it is. Another replica in the ship) being flooded as Chris and Jill run away from it. So this replica mansion thing could mean that what we saw and assumed was lost in nightmares footage may partially be on the ship. Also, it appears a some what majority does take part on the ship, for we’ve only seen a little bit of Chris walking out in the snow with Jessica. But how do they get from there to the boat or vice versa. Only time will tell. Also, I will remind that Alex was described as someone who picked up others talents just by watching them, so keep this in mind, and that he experimented on 1000s upon 1000s of test subjects, who all mysteriously disappeared. These might be on that large cargo ship as well. So, now I want to you to think about everything I have said. After you have, I want you to try to prove me right or wrong. Tell what I missed or misinterpreted. Then build upon my comment with what you know as fact. No hateful criticism, only understanding for my stupidity in places where I’m incorrect. So go on, tell me what ya think!

  • Blake

    P.S. Since when is HUNK Aussie? What have I missed from his two (right?) appearances that show he is Aussie. Looking at the 4th survivor, we always hear him as higher pitched than this guy in the chair, or NOT WITH AN AUSSIE ACCENT. Am I right?

  • Kieran Raza

    You’re all wrong! Resident Evil Revelations on 3DS, seems to have had no relation to the original E3 trailer what so ever! Pretty much everything is completely different, they must have scrapped the story at the last second. There is no Hunk, there are no zombies (disappointment, but the ooze are equally creepy and Rachael does not fail to give me shivers EVERY TIME) the majority of the game takes place on the ship controlling Jill along with newbie Parker, there is no mansion! The screens that look like a mansion ARE ON THE SHIP :O wow Capcom, how did that happen? Although it turned out a masterpiece of a game and the best on 3DS


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