reHorror: Resident Evil 6 Giveaway

I decided to do something different with this reHorror. Instead of me going on about my crazy theories and speculation for the series (don’t worry, I’ll get back to that!), I decided to give you guys a chance to win some prizes! All this wouldn’t have been possible without Capcom, so a special thanks to them for sending me all this! Now, on to the prizes…

Pictured above you’ll see all the stuff I’ll be giving away. Yeah, yeah, I know, The Merchant is going to hate me for giving away this stuff at no price at all, stranger! But hey, I love you guys. So, here’s how it’s going to go:

Grand Prize (2 winners): Xbox 360 copy of Resident Evil 6, No Hope Left rusted tin case (which houses some awesome surprises inside!), Resident Evil 6 logo Geltabz, and a Resident Evil 6 “Origin of the Species” T-Shirt (size Medium).

Runner-up Prize (4 winners): “Origin of the Species” T-Shirt (size Medium) and RE6 logo Geltabz.

So…how can you win these goodies? Well, it’s pretty simple. All you have to do is leave a comment below explaining what you think about the series’ evolution and current style. Do you accept the series’ changes? Or do you despise them? Leave your in-depth thoughts in the comments section below and the best entries will be chosen. Sadly, this contest will only be for those in the US.

Lastly, be sure to leave your email address at the end of your entry in the comments section. This will be my way of contacting you, letting you know if you were chosen as a winner or not. If you would rather not have your email be made public (stranger!), then just make sure you leave your comment using your email address. Or you can comment using your Facebook profile, but if you do so, just be sure you can receive messages from people not on your friends list. I just need to have a way of contacting you!

The contest will end on Halloween (fitting, huh?), Wednesday, October 31, 2012 at 10PM EST.


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  • Brom

    No Canadians, =(

  • Aritbonus

    Fuck!!! I am not in the US, So… good luck to everyone!

  • only US? and i was thinking you loved us

  • OverCasanova

    well then.

    /canada out

  • Sad is not worldwide 🙁

  • Dylan

    It’s hard for me to choose one way or another. I’ll always love horror and the survival horror of the originals. They are the best and sometimes it’s sad to see the series in the state it currently is. That being said, the new games are a blast to play. I still love the series and always will and it’s the story and characters that keep me coming back as I’m not the greatest fan of action. The series is still strong and fantastic today. Perhaps not as much as it once was but it still is an amazing series. This series always was and forever will be a gem among a lot of crap game franchises (I’m looking at you, Call of Duty). I think what makes RE so special is that it isn’t afraid to evolve, change and try new things. Some work and some don’t but it’s able to be so many different things. Horror. Action. On rails. Sci-Fi. I’d like maybe a little more ties to the originals, character and gameplay/atmosphere wise, but RE will always be great. No matter what it does.

  • Honestly I kind of miss the original style of Resident Evil games. It just made me actually think to be cautious when I was playing them, I didn’t really feel that when playing Resident Evil 4 & 5; except when fighting U3 in Resident Evil 4. But I can’t say I hate or dislike what Resident Evil has become today. The newer Resident Evil’s are just more action than horror, but that doesn’t mean they’re bad. I had a lot of fun when playing Resident Evil 4, especially when killing Saddler; Best moment for me. But I had more fun playing Resident Evil 5 because of the coop, it was great playing with a friend through Resident Evil; Especially watching them run away from Chainsaw Majini without me helping. Overall the Resident Evil series will stand at begin a great series, but I just wish they’d add more horror to the series.

  • Jromero

  • Honestly I kind of miss the original style of Resident Evil games. It just made me actually think to be cautious when I was playing them, I didn’t really feel that when playing Resident Evil 4 & 5; except when fighting U3 in Resident Evil 4. But I can’t say I hate or dislike what Resident Evil has become today. The newer Resident Evil’s are just more action than horror, but that doesn’t mean they’re bad. I had a lot of fun when playing Resident Evil 4, especially when killing Saddler; Best moment for me. But I had more fun playing Resident Evil 5 because of the coop, it was great playing with a friend through Resident Evil; Especially watching them run away from Chainsaw Majini without me helping. Overall the Resident Evil series will stand at begin a great series, but I just wish they’d add more horror to the series..

  • Honestly I kind of miss the original style of Resident Evil games. It just made me actually think to be cautious when I was playing them, I didn’t really feel that when playing Resident Evil 4 & 5; except when fighting U3 in Resident Evil 4. But I can’t say I hate/dislike what Resident Evil has become today. The newer Resident Evil’s are just more action than horror, but that doesn’t mean they’re bad. I had a lot of fun when playing Resident Evil 4, especially when killing Saddler; Best moment for me. But I had more fun playing Resident Evil 5 because of the coop, it was great playing with a friend through Resident Evil; Especially watching them run away from Chainsaw Majini w/out me helping. Overall the Resident Evil series will stand at begin a great series, but I just wish they’d add more horror to the series..

  • Resident Evil was always my favorite horror series. I remember I cringed when I saw the first zombie’s face when it turned around as a child. I remember Resident Evil as the series that started my fear of zombies. As of today I am much more older and so is Resident Evil. The current direction of Resident Evil has strayed too much from it’s survival horror roots focusing more on action akin to Call of Duty. Resident Evil 6 feels like Capcom tried to cater to everybody with the Leon campaign trying to be like horror and the Chris and Jake campaign trying to be too much action while the Ada campaign is more stealth. The series had to change that much is true but from going to survival horror to action? This change was made to try to appeal to new audiences but alienating the old ones. The controls in Resident Evil 6 have been improved vastly but it still feels like Resident Evil 4 and 5. It seemed like Capcom took the if it ain’t broke don’t fix it approach. The series has changed but not for the better but here’s hoping that Resident Evil 7 regains it’s crown as the king of survival horror.


  • I accept the series changes…. after all the changes occured after many shunned the previous style of the old games and sales were not performing. I give them credit for reviewing the franchise to the levels they are now! All they need to do is try and make it a bit scarier. Been a fan since day 1 back on PSX and still a huge fan. Thanks Capcom and Thanks Resident Evil

  • don

    well RE6 is Capcom’s bold move to let us literally buy the game. considering it has Leon + Chris + Ada + Sherry on it. what more could a RE fan ask for? classic characters in one game. “ill gonna buy it definitely!” when I first saw the trailer and news that my favorite characters are in one game.
    sadly there was no Jill or Claire on it. well leave that to the dlc’s I suppose?
    I think the story is epic. having crossover stories are great. it will let you say “oh its *insert RE characters name* what the H*ll is she/he doing here”. we are not actually new to cross over stories. because RE4 has them. even the classic old RE2 has them. what makes the story is interesting is that every character has its own issues and storyline.
    gameplay wise, its excellent. having let you swim, control airplanes, run cars and run like mad makes you want to scream for more.
    what I dislike about the game? its pretty short.
    anyway goodluck to everyone! 🙂

  • Michael T

    Looking back at the series, I can understand Capcom wanting to change it up over time. I don’t agree with it, but I can understand their want to not have the series stagnate over the years and entries. They’ve done spinoff first-person shooters (that were crap, I’m looking at you Survivor), multiplayer debacles I could never get into (Outbreak), and rail-shooters for some condensed co-op nostalgia. Even though they have all had at least one or two sequels on their own, I keep coming back to the main series because that is where the most fun is to be had.

    The first trilogy of titles for the PS1 were great, slow-paced survival horror titles that reminded me of old horror movies like Nosferatu. Sure, the voice acting is laughable, but that adds to the charm and gave some exceptional one-liners like the bit about almost becoming a “Jill sandwich”
    or being the “master of unlocking”. The slow crawl of the average zombie mixed with the dogs, lickers, hunters, etc. produced a mix of slow and quick pacing that never got boring. The puzzles, although simple “Use item A with object B”, gave reason to explore the mansion/police building/city for some little hidden items or easter eggs that would otherwise be missed.

    Then came the fourth entry in the series and I was very wary of it at first. After playing it, however, I found it to be the greatest shooter/horror title I had ever witnessed. Great pacing, well-designed inventory system, the Merchant, and good shooting mechanics. It was also scary as hell thanks to the chainsaw-wielding Dr. Salvador and the Bella Sisters, as well as the Village Chief Mendez, keeper of the castle Salazar, and big bad Saddler.

    The fifth game was alright, the co-op was nice, but the AI for Sheva left a lot to be desired especially in Professional Difficulty. Wesker’s return was alright, but the convoluted plot, malformed main character design, and action-based gameplay made it noticeably less a Resident Evil title and more of a full-blown shooter with RE lore. I can still enjoy the game, but if it weren’t for Umbrella, Chris Redfield, and Wesker, I would have assumed it just another zombie shooter.

    I haven’t played RE6, but my brother said he enjoyed it, although it was a bit on the short side to complete all of the scenarios. It looks to be literally darker, but I don’t know how the story pans out or how the gameplay is compared to the others in this new trilogy.

    I’ve just come to expect the series to get worse for the survival-horror aspect, after 4 while becoming more like Gears of War – Zombie. I don’t care for it, but I’ve accepted it as a different type of game from what I grew up with.

  • RE was one the first games back in 96 I could call my own. At a wee age of ten I was enchanted by the campy allure of zombies and bio weapons. The evolution of the series only speaks volumes of a series willing to change with the times. Keeps a childhood fantasy alive. I support change because they are moving into a much powerful narrative. Love it. Give us more! The charm of RE is its ability to throw fun at you with over the top stories that some how have an infectious nature.

  • Allen E.

    I think that the current evolution of the resident evil franchise is not going in the wrong direction but could use a few small tweaks. Leon’s campaign was near perfection. While the other 3 campaigns were very good I feel that they could have been a little scarier. I don’t see a lot of need for the old resident evil style to come back. Just keep with the same engine and make a full game like Leon’s campaign is. That to me would be the perfect new style of resident evil.
    Email is

  • I’ve always loved the RE series right from the very first one. As the series continued I only feel more and more in love with the game and the story and when Capcom slowly started to change the series with introducing new viruses and characters it only made me like the series that much more. People often complained about 4 and 5 breaking off the roots and trying to be too different, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. To me it is still RE and in my opinion they never strayed off the path they had set, but only added onto it with more depth. The introduction of the Plaga and the Majini excited me if anything at all. I do love the old zombies don’t get me wrong, but this addition only added more challenges, much needed in my opinion. As for the style of the game,I was beyond excited when they said they would be introducing different campaigns with each one having a different style of playing such as stealthy, action, horror ect..and as for the countrols I couldn’t ask for anything more, I love how much more fluid the controls are and while it took a little bit of time to get used to I absolutely love it. I haven’t had the chance to buy and play part 6 yet, but I can only imagine that I will enjoy this one just as much as I always have, RE will always be a amazing game to me, and obviously this is just my opinion and I stand by it!

  • O Resident Evil é uma série muito boa, mas infelizmente foi perdendo sua origem, com o passar dos anos e a evolução tecnológica. Os zumbis deram lugar para outros tipos de monstros muito diferentes da proposta inicial. Ainda assim a série é muito boa, mas não gosto dos filmes e os jogos poderiam ser melhores se seguissem o padrão de horror/sobrevivência em meio a milhares de mortos vivos.

  • will I started to a fan of the series when I was 10 years old. It was scary, with music takes a way to Resident evil world not just any random music they had it was special. And the deep story every new resident evil game was coming out you wander if there will show us what happened to characters who we lost them. the new way of the series it’s just …. no spirit.

  • Honestly, I feel that the evolution of Resident Evil over the years perfectly mirrors the overall evolution of video games from underdog entertainment media to Hollywood-style cash grab.
    The original Resident Evil for the PSX will always hold a place in my black heart, mainly because of the dog hallway. I still jump at that part. Overall, the first is and always will be a classic. The second, however, stands on a pedestal as one of the greatest video game experiences of all time. The ability to see the story through two separate characters made for an engrossing experience and the sprawling setting of a city made me feel uneasy every second of playing it.

    I could mention 3 and Code:Veronica as well, but that is not the point of my little speech here. The point is that Resident Evil broke new ground in gaming and showed that “them video games” could be as scary and compelling as a movie.

    With 4, you could honestly see that the gameplay style was tailored more towards the modern movie fan with it’s epic quick-time moments and in-your-face action. It still managed, however, to be genuinely scary at times. 5, for me, was a perfect example of “overstepping the line” so to speak. Focusing more on action and less on build-up and suspense, it felt more like Gears of War and less like Resident Evil. The flashiness is more noticeable than ever as we enter the era of plotless, CGI driven entertainment dredged out of Hollywood.

    Which brings me to 6, which hits and misses for me. I feel that Capcom had a tough decision to make here. They could either make a game for the Survival Horror fans, which would not be as lucrative as a more action-oriented game, or they could make an action game that put the “finishing blow” on what remains of their core fanbase. I feel that by splitting the difference, what came about was a pretty solid experience, in so much as “it could have been worse.”

  • Jacob Lindenmoyer

    As a beloved Resident Evil Fan I can say I don’t hate or despise this new approach onto the Franchise. We all know Resident Evil 5 wasn’t scary in the least bit. But it is where the series is taking the action genre into play. Even though it didn’t live up to the horror aspect I still enjoyed it. I believe the games needs to go this route of less scary to more action. It does bring more sales. I don’t know if 6 is scary in any way. But I know I would love it regardless. This change of genres definitely has people saying that the new games suck and that they aren’t scary as they were before. Games are like pokemon they evolve sooner are later. We got to change with them. They grow up with us. I will always have the memories of resident evil from my childhood. It will always be the scariest game to me from back then. But enough about the scary portion. I can also say that what really got me, is the story they have created. They story is crucial, I admire the fact they have all the characters die and change throughout the games. I’m trying not to sound like a broken recorded and be different from other comments. But at least I can say is that Resident Evil will always be good. No changing that no matter what kind of genre they go for. It will still have my favorite characters and a story that will always having me wanting more.



    Resident Evil has been one of my favorite game series for a long time, and despite the changes that have been made, and despite the fact that I don’t like where the series has gone, I don’t think thats going to change. What Ive seen of RE6 doesn’t appeal to me much. Its not because of the focus on action. I actually quite like that. Its more….
    Hard to explain. Its the atmosphere, its the look, its the feel. I loved the old games, partly because of the settings and details. Raccoon City was a fantastic location for a video game, especially after the virus hit. I loved the spinoffs, like the Outbreak games, because they contributed to the personality of the series, and because I liked the chars. They were all different and interesting. I like that theres all these diff chars, in all these diff locations around the same city, fighting, surviving, and encountering different things. And all the locations look and feel unique in different. Its easy to compare the Outbreak games to RE2 and RE3, but apart from some crossover (and I like crossover) they’re all doing something different and going on different paths through the carnage. In RE6, they tried to do that but it feels more forced. The only chars I thought that showed personality are Jake and Sherry and Ada. I never liked Ada very much before this, but now I like her alot. And I honestly think the game would be better with more of her. With chars with no personality, you need a setting that makes up for it, and the game failed there. Tall Oaks, China, and that other place where Chris flashes back too….
    They just all looked bland and boring to me. There was no personality to the settings. Which was the same problem I had with all of Africa in RE5. It was just dreary and boring. RE0, 1, 2, 3, the outbreaks, code veronica, even the survivor games, all had settings that had personality and never felt or looked bland or boring to me. I admit tastes are different and Im sure many people wont agree, but thats how I feel, and thats what I still see when I load up the old games. Yes, even Survivor 1, I still play that…
    And I honestly like it more than 5 or 6. Maybe its pure nostalgia blinding me. But if thats the case….
    Well, theres nothing I can do about it except lobotomize myself, and I don’t think I wanna go through that.
    Im fine with the shift in gameplay. From survival horror to action…. But give me better characters. Give me better scenery. Make me feel that not just that the chars have personalities, but the locations all have personalities as well. Thats why I love the movies, all except Extinction. The locales are all cool and different, and never boring. EXCEPT, as I said, for Extinction, which was basically bland boring Africa in movie form.
    Also, the games need to stop taking themselves so serious. Thats why the movies work. The movies know that its all a big joke. The games are still trying to be serious. I mean, just look at Wesker in Afterlife….
    Heres an actor who knows full well that hes playing a 1 note, cartoon villain….
    And hes having the time of his life with it. PERSONALITY. Thats what its all about. They’re having fun and going crazy and that shows alot of personality in both character and setting, but the games still play it straight, and with hardly any character development, bland locales, and no camp….
    Its boring. Work on one of those 3 things, and Ide be happy again.

  • spooky

    I love the way this game is. You get to play differnt people. The thing i did not like is the camra it sucked. Everything else i loved. I always loved resident evil was the first game i ever played as a kid.

  • that_sterlin_kid

    As someone who considers themselves a fan of the Resident Evil franchise, I actually approve of the direction the series is going for two major reasons. The first of these reasons is the simple fact that technology is advancing, and with the advancement of technology comes the enhancement of our overall gaming experience. I mean don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the classic Resident Evil style as much as the next guy, but I don’t see the series ever reverting back to that. I also don’t (ever) think that it should, unless there it’s for a mobile title.

    Secondly, the changes made in the Resident Evil franchise are actually quite fitting with the story. With each addition of the franchise, the stakes rise and the (insert random letter here) virus seems to take over another part of the world. As the stakes rise, the pace of the game needs to be increased and as the virus spreads, more characters are required to save the world. Resident Evil 6’s slogan is even “No Hope Left”… Do you really want a game with stakes so high to have tank controls and one “hero” to save the world? I sure don’t…

    However, there’s one thing that I can’t stand about the evolution of Resident Evil: the slew of Quick Time Events (QTE’s). I actually like QTE’s (in general) quite a bit because they give the player control over a games cinematic moments, but too much of a good thing can be bad for you. Resident Evil 6 proves this by not only giving you a lot of QTE’s, but making some of them sudden, complicated, and annoying to pull off.

    With that being said, I hope to see more Resident Evil titles that follow this new formula and eventually get a hold of the the nostalgic’s out there. As long as Capcom doesn’t give us anything that will drastically change the franchise like a kart racer or first-person shooter, I’ve still got faith and very few complaints about where Resident Evil is going.


  • While I enjoy the Resident Evil series I think Capcom’s recent treatment of the series could be compared to Megaman suffering a possible identity crisis. I personally feel Resident Evil 2 my favorite of the series was improved from RE1 going from the mansion to the city, police station, sewers, and underground areas. RE3 was improved with the main villain Nemesis popping out to chase you/Starz members however this is the point where some fans more so review critics felt the formula was growing stagnant. Altho the last I played with the camera-style backgrounds was Code Veronica X if I recall never beat it tho. =( lol.

    RE4 for its time changed this concept, broke sales records, with what alot of people feel was a good combination of horror/action it even incorporated QTE mechanics that RE6 got bashed by critics for using these QTE sequences too much. My main point with RE4 is this was when RE started to mix action & horror & a pure survival horror RE has been scarce sense. RE 5 I never played but I heard people liked, I wasn’t a fan of the Africa setting and I preferred playing as Jill/Claie or my favorite character Leon. I have Operation Racoon City for 360 haven’t finished however I do like the fact its a spin-off and you get to return to Racoon City as Umbrella Ops to either kill or save Leon, I enjoyed using Vector the stealth class was handy for getting around zombies and I admire the multiplayer concept truthfully I just think Capcom could have done a better job instead of handing development to Saints Row Six.

    This was done lastly because most of Capcoms resources were developing RE6, and new DMC reboot which has received fan backlash over Dante’s new look (Black hair) I would like the opportunity to play 6 I like the idea of Agent-Hunt Mode but I notice ever since Capcom wanted a piece of the Call of Duty market critic review scores atleast from ORC to RE6 have been stagnant at best I enjoy RE more for the horror facotor, of course I don’t mind shooting zombies I just don’t want to do it mindlessly, without purpose, or a scare that makes me pull the trigger ^.^

    Anyway I hope Capcom will return to its horror roots or find that perfect balance of horror/action that they desire. I accept the changes multiplayer, Agent-hunt mode/mercenaries I like, what I despise is if Capcom truly isn’t innovating with the Resident Evil brand anymore. Sry for the paragraphs, lol. Email:

  • Stuart O’Connor

    Although I have been a huge fan of the series from the start and understand the need for the game to appeal to a wider audience I feel the games have sadly slipped from what they once stood for. I still love the series though and just hope one day they make horror the main focus again.

  • I think the series is awesome, even though it has changed a lot, I still love the older games best, But the new games are good too. 🙂

  • Been following the series since 98’s release of Resident Evil 2. I been through pretty much everything the good and what some consider the bad. I’m referring to games like Survivor Dead Aim and O.R.C. all which to me while not being the cream of the crop still hold a very special place in my heart.

    Then in 2005 Capcom gave me the greatest birthday present ever by releasing the masterpiece that was Resident Evil 4. Talk about the best sweet 16 gift possible (who needs a car when you have Leon?).

    Before the release of Resident Evil 4 I went though a bit of a system shock. I went from Shinji Mikami telling me not to piss myself after the presentation of Leon being attacked by dolls and the Hookman as he slowly moved throughout a mansion not to far from the vain of the Spencer Estate. So when a little time after more news started hitting that the game was getting yet another overhaul I was indeed shocked because the game I saw look like it was on the right track to possibly topping RE 2 and REmake.

    Cut to Mid December and me preordering RE 4 and getting my hands on the demo GameStop was giving out and me getting my ass handed to me time and time again by the villagers and chainsaw wielding bastard as I slowly became accustomed to the new controls and over the shoulder 3rd person shooting aspect. By the time game release on Jan 11 I had played that demo well over hundred times. I was ready to adventure out into uncharted territories. What awaited me is something that would fall into my top 3 Resident Evil games of all time and picking one over the other is pretty much impossible to answer because depending on how I’m feeling at the time it’s going to be one of 3 games. Either REmake, 2 or 4. But picking one over the other is like asking a parent which is their favorite kid. It’s just not a reasonable question.

    Now over all I like the evolution that 4 brought when it came to the controls and shooting aspect. I did not like that Umbrella was thrown to the back burner. It was a breath of fresh air that the series needed to bring in new players and to keep the franchise going strong. And over all it payed off.

    Cut to the release of Resident Evil 6 and the one thing that I was missing most was finally brought back in full focus as I played as my favorite male character as he tries to escape what at one point seemed to be a deserted campus. Capcom did a solid by making some parts of the game ooze in good old creepy atmosphere. Then there’s that section of the game that plays out right as you exited the subway and enter into town. Total chaos spreads as survivors try to flee the on coming horrors that await them. This scene alone made my heart skip a beat. I’d love to see a RE 2 or RE 3 remake showing those poor citizens of Raccoon City suffering the same fate.

    So over the years as the series evolved from prerendered backgrounds to full open environments that allowed you to see as far as your eye could reach. To your focus on ammo not being as important as it once was. I’ve stuck it out. I’ve played every home console release and I will continue to follow the series through tick and then. And while I long for a RE 2 remake that sticks to it’s roots of the classic games if that day never comes while I’ll be upset I have no intentions of ever giving up on the series.

  • TheSvenBo

    I remember watching my dad playing the original Resident Evil on the PS1 when I was 8-years-old. I remember how that zombie looked over its shoulder at you when you find Kenneth’s body; it scared the hell out of me every time. My dad never beat the game (he got stuck on the painting puzzle), but years later, a friend of mine suggested I check out RE3, so I bought it and proceeded to beat it… over and over and over again. I was addicted. By that time RE:CVX had already come out and RE: Remake was in development. I meticulously worked backwards and beat RE2, then Director’s Cut (only realizing then that it was the same game I had watched my dad play, bragging to him that I had finally beat it), working my way up to Remake and RE0. Today, I own every game in the series (including RE:Gaiden) and have bought game systems for the sole purpose of playing the next installment in the series. Yeah, I’m addicted.

    Needless to say, I have watched the story and the game itself grow over the years. When RE4 came out, I was a bit confused by the gameplay style and wasn’t sure how to approach it. My friends laughed at me when I told them I played through the entire game without upgrading a single weapon or selling a single trinket of treasure. (“Stranger. Stranger!”) This didn’t stop me however from beating the game a plethora of times. I even went out and bought it again on the PS2 just so I could play Separate Ways. The game was a drastic change for the series, in more ways than just gameplay style. Enemy, environment, and character designs all morphed into something greater, and even the story went from “a mid-Western town in America” to “bioterrorism is a global threat.” I don’t think Capcom was expecting the kind of success RE4 had, which I think it deserved wholeheartedly, but this unexpected success has influenced them ever since. More on that in a minute.

    Some set pieces implemented in RE4 were a bit over the top. (A giant mechanical, marble Salazar? Really?) Resident Evil struck me as a series that always kept at least one foot in reality, and there were moments in RE4 where I felt only a toe remained. Whatever flaws there were, however, we overshadowed by the incredible success of the game, and the changes made to the series were done for the better, in my opinion, not only for the financial benefit of Capcom, but for the sake of the story itself. Resident Evil didn’t abandon its roots, just reshaped them.

    The leap from RE4 to RE5, however, was hardly a large one. It was brutally evident that Capcom was attempting to salvage some of the success made by RE4, while introducing new nuances. In some respects, Capcom took away some of the things that made RE4 fun and replaced them with things that were a bit… annoying. The inventory, for example, was accessed in realtime rather then as a pause menu. Granted, this was more realistic, but it was clunky and resulted in a lot of button mashing just to get to damn Health Spray! It felt like a mediocre RE4, at least on the level of gameplay. I did, however, like Capcom’s decision to make the daylight just as scary as the dark. I would have liked to have seen how dehydration – a gameplay mechanic that was abandoned early in development – would have turned out. Again, over the top set pieces (An underground city in the heart of Africa?! Whodathunkit?!) make an interesting return and enemy designs feel a bit recycled.

    On the level of story telling, however, the cutscenes in RE5 are hard to beat. I still salivate at the sight of Chris and Wesker duking it out in the hanger and hearing Spencer declare “I was to become a God!” still gives me chills. The story was pushed along vehemently in RE5, especially with the DLC, and fed into the Resident Evil universe in a very satisfying way. The game was a commercial success, garnering considerable praise, and I think over all the development from RE4 to RE5 was a move forward, a small one, but a positive one.

    Now, here we are, with the much anticipated RE6. My thoughts? I think RE6 has taken the Resident Evil universe to new heights, taking leaps and bounds forwards in the realm of gameplay. Story wise? I will get to that in a moment.

    The gameplay of RE6 is incredible, very fluid, and very diverse. From Leon’s wing-shooters to Jake’s hand-to-hand combat, Capcom did not hold back on trying to keep us entertained. I love how each scenario adds a different flavor of gameplay, with Leon and Helena’s being dominated by creeping and exploring, Chris and Piers’ having much more strafing and gunning, Jake and Sherry’s melee and escaping, and Ada’s constant stealth, it’s hard to get bored with RE6. Add into the mix Agent Hunt (probably one of the best ideas Capcom has ever had) and The Mercenaries, you have a game that should keep you entertained for a LONG time. My favorite part is the different kinds of QTC and melee moves, which gives each character a different personality. As stated before, I don’t think Resident Evil had abandoned its roots, just reshaped, and here even grown them in different directions. Capcom seems to have attempted to cover all bases as far as gameplay styles. Overall, people seem to be on the fence about whether or not it was successful.

    As far as the story goes, I don’t think RE6 does much for the story arc. Granted, the story within the context of RE6 is a roller coaster ride with twists and turns, and many moments of “WHAT THE F-!”, but placing it in the frame of everything that’s come before, it’s a small package. The introduction of new entities – The Family, Neo-Umbrella, and the DSO – seems verbose. The one thing I can say about the Resident Evil universe is there are enough characters to populate, well… Raccoon City. Capcom should stop introducing more people and start working with that they’ve got. I’m honestly surprised I didn’t see any mention of Sheva or Jill in RE6 at all. I think we need to see a Rebecca and Barry comeback. (Man, would I love to see an old, grizzled, pissed off Barry mollywopping BOWs with his magnum!) That being said, I did really enjoy the chemistry between Sherry and Jake. It added a really nice homage to the former Umbrella coworkers we know so well.

    All that aside, I still think RE6 is a stellar title and a truly unique experience. But why has it received such deplorable reviews? While RE:Revelations was met with praise (and I think they share the same sort of feel as far a storyline), RE6 was almost panned. Seriously, RE6 does not deserve a 3 out of 10! The error has been, in my opinion, that people aren’t taking it as its own game. Similarly to RE:ORC, people keep comparing the title to past entries in the series, attempting to squeeze it into “survival horror” or “action” categories, often unsuccessfully. RE6 has to be respected as its own beast. Capcom themselves labelled it “dramatic horror,” which I think is a perfectly fitting label (though some will certainly cry foul). Now, some will immediately say we can’t divorce RE6 from the rest of the Resident Evil titles and that we HAVE to compare it to the rest, but do we? Imagine if it was a stand-alone game. Would it be as “disappointing” as it was perceived? Rightly so, it is not a stand alone game, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be approached in a way that takes it as it is.

    If you haven’t picked up the game yet, I urge you to retard your expectations and judgements, and try to approach the game as its own game. Afterwards, state your opinions frankly.

    After everything is said and done, the evolution of the Resident Evil series is no stranger (no pun intended) to flaws and disappointments, but the changes it has made as it has grown have been far more positive than negative. Capcom has shown, with RE:Relavations and RE5’s DLC, that survival horror is very much alive, while intermixed in an “action” title. Resident Evil is still very much alive and kicking, and I’m certain RE6 will be no less of a commercial success than past installments. I absolutely love RE6 and will be playing it for a long, long time. Call me biased, but I have never once, through all the facets of its many games – whether having my heart race at the sound of the music in the RPD library or riding on the back of a panda on some playground in the middle of Lanshiang – thought this was that last time I’ll play Resident Evil. Hell, my gamertag on PSN is “REaddicted” for a reason!

  • Ryan Coby

    Even though the series has strayed from its survival horror roots, the games’ shifts have been necessary. To be honest, the action focused evolution has occurred in order to keep up with contemporary trends, and, even if it sounds like an excuse, is the best direction such a seminal franchise will have to go to ensure its own survival. However, if fans pay close attention to the newest entry, Resident Evil 6, then they will find a slew of nods, in homage, to older titles. On the surface nothing seems as though it as stayed true to the origin of survival horror, yet digging a bit deeper shows that Capcom has never lost its love for the IP or its fans.

    Consider the dark mansion from Resident Evil (and its gorgeous remake) and how tension, atmosphere, and ammo conservation set the standard for all subsequent titles. With amped up action sequences the need for tactical item use has gone to the wayside, yet some of the eerie elements, specifically in Leon’s campaign (and even a bit in Ada’s as well), have remained. Even puzzle solving has its moments, though brief and simple.

    A demand for co-op functionality has also given fans a chance to return to some unique experiences from Resident Evil Zero, or, previously, the most recent sequel, Resident Evil 5. Capcom also opted to keep Mercenaries, which became a fan favorite in Resident Evil 4.

    Enemies came back with a ferocity not seen in any previous Resident Evil title. Mutations and multi-staged boss battles are staple to the series, and Resident Evil 6 delivers both in spades. Even the oft annoying Ustanak delivers some rather Nemesis-esque moments for returning fans. Though the amount of monsters, J’avo, seems overwhelming at first, the subtle differences have a much more classic feel than more recent releases.

    Overall, as times change and the gaming world continues to expand and evolve with technology and unique mechanics or gameplay an older series that can remain relevant and still give fans what they ask for is going to place that series ahead of its starting position. What seems like a cluttered, forced mess at first may actually be an amalgamation of all elements from a series that gamers will return to again and again. If this is where we are headed with Resident Evil, then, as far as I am concerned, it can only get better.

  • Ow, I liv in Brazil, damn… Good luck to all the othr fans. 😀

  • Only in the US? SHENANIGANS!

  • andybam

    I first played Resident Evil way back at launch in 1996. It has since became my absolute favorite video game franchise. I wholeheartedly approve of the evolution of the series. While loving the older games, they have a permanent place in my heart, I’ve found co op playing Resident Evil 5 both campaign and mercs mode with my best friend (also a REfanatic) to be some of the best time I’ve spent gaming.


  • Simple Mind

    I’m a fan of the older Resident Evil games. As for the new direction, I respect Capcom for going the action direction. I don’t necessarily adore it, but it’s nice seeing Capcom doing what they want with the franchise. Imagine if they kept making survival horror after survival horror, trying to top their past games. Doesn’t make much sense. At first, I thought the action direction was because of financial motives only, but after reading/watching a few interviews, I concluded that the developers themselves enjoy the action direction the franchise has gone. More power to them for taking artistic liberties with Resident Evil.

    As for the co-op…it was intended from as early on as the first game! RE1 had screenshots of a co-op mode…so its justifiable that RE would eventually incorporate a co-op mode again.

    As for the fixed camera angles, I don’t think that was necessarily what made RE RE. It was more of the technology around at the time…other games such as Final Fantasy and Onimusha, which were in the late 90s/early 2000s 5th/6th gen tech, used pre-rendered camera angles as well.

    The reason why I don’t like the newer REs as much as the older ones is because of the following:

    The newer REs took away much of the exploration the older games had. I loved checking out the rooms and examining objects. The newer games staring from RE5 and up don’ t have as much exploration as RE3 or REmake.

    The newer REs took away the puzzle solving. That was fun to sit back and decrypt a riddle on a statue after shooting out/running away from infected creatures.

    If a new RE comes out with those 2 issues fixed, I may consider RE again. For now though, let Capcom be, for it is their property. However, I’d jump up and down in joy if they ever hit the sweet spot that the older games did for me


  • IceFishy1212

    The whole series oF Resident Evil from the beginning has such ride filled with fun. scares. and brilliant adventures that you can play and play without tiresome. Capcom has still continued this in Resident Evil 6, this game is another reminder the geniuses that work so hard at the game and is so evident of the time and attention that they put into this game. Why some have said it hasn’t lived up to its potential, I saw it went above and beyond, will some things a changed a little, it still has brought the great experience I have come to expect from the Resident Evil Games and I say this small is well deserved and I really can put this game done, and hope to the future that Capcom continues this awesome franchise!!!!

  • Far_Night

    I’ve been a fan of Resident Evil since it came out on the PS1. What attracted me to it was the side quests and the chance the creators gave you to explore your sorroundings without the game or story being a linear experience. As much as I love Resident Evil 4, 5, and 6, I find the experience very linear. I liked that Resident Evil 4 tried to divert from the limited linear experience of going through a straight line and let you walk around and search for items, but there was no side quests and no challenging paths that let you look around for keys that opened locked dungeons or basements. I hope that after Resident Evil 6 the Survival Horror aspect that made me love the game in the first place comes back. I think the possible success of ZombieU will divert Capcom to a different path. Happy Halloween everyone!

  • Zach

    I’ve been a fan of the series since day one, so the change in direction is a bit disheartening to me. I liked 4 and thought it was a great direction…but 5 just didn’t feel like Resident Evil anymore. I want to think I’ll like RE6, but I’m not sure I’m willing to try it at this point…it just doesn’t look good at all.

  • Trish k phan

    Omg u should do co test for uk too!! Lol 🙁

  • ChambersRebecca_

    well i hate the XBOX So fuck this…i do love resident evil though and already have platinum on the PS3 version

  • Junior Flores

    Resident evil is a great series. I started out a fan when I used to watch my father play the games when I was a wee little child. I used to get nightmares of Nemesis chasing me through the Raccoon City Police Department. The first game I played was re2 which in my opinion is the best one out of the series. The music is so terrifying I still get chills when I hear the music of The Front Hall from the police station.

    On to the point, the series has taken change in direction but Resident Evil is a game franchise comprised of 30+ games. How many game franchises can say they have that many games under the same title besides Super Mario or Sonic the hedgehog. Resident evil is changing because it has too. From what I see from forums, people want to see the game go back to original but How many mansions can the resident evil characters go through. I don’t like how capcom is making resident evil into an action game more than a survival horror but I’m trying to take both sides. Resident evil franchise is mostly about killing zombies. The story goes a virus breaks out, turns people in zombies and then a group of trained government agents or bioterrorism security group members try to stop the virus from spreading. Once they stop the virus another virus appears and they have to stop it all over again. U can’t make the virus the same, it has to enhance, and that’s why the zombies are smarter and carry guns like the ones in re5 and 6. Hey I don’t mind killing zombies with guns, that makes it more fun and challenging (plus it sounds awesome). Resident evil can go in any direction it wants as long as it still has zombie killing. Now if aliens from outer space come in the picture well than people should really be mad about the direction it’s going from there.

  • Okay Im a lil bit drunk so here I go, btw u guys would send it overseas right? cuz I live in amsterdam.

    What I think of Resident Evil and its evolution…

    “By Illa Abels”

    Resident Evil it all started back in 1998, where there was this weird gamecover of a man with a strange eye (chris redfield) holding a gun, surrounded by spiders. It gave me the creeps. But still I was interested Resident Evil. The storyline was amazing, and all you needed to do was to survive and solve puzzles…many puzzles. That was the most fun thing about it, It took me like 3 days(SPOILER) till I found out the that u could open a book in your inventory and get a medal out of it and proceed on your journey trough the creepy mansion. What also got me was the camera angles of the game, that was also what makes the franchise strong. You aint got controle over that and I think that if the player feels uncontrolable about the games it makes it more scarier…. And that was really the strenght of Resident Evil besides the amazing storyline. Thats why Resident Evil 1,2,3, CVX, Remake and Zero was a succes… It takes you deeper in the story but with the same point of view…

    Resident Evil 4 was nice… But it had too many bullshit hanging around… Come on a merchant where you can buy stuff and enemy;s drop ammo? While they were carring a blade or a chainsaw… Where’s the SURVIVAL HORROR. And also there were no puzzles… It was just a game where you need to go from point a to point b… But the development in the B.O.W. was the strenght in this game next to the quick time events… And in this chapter of Resident Evil they experiment how it was to be in a co-op gameplay… Remember the scene where you fight the ganados with Luis… that was very nice. Since then they went further with this perspective that it would be more scarier to play Resident Evil in COOP.

    And then there was resident evil 5… coop was nice but it wasnt scary at all… it only makes me frustrated about my partner because she didnt do what I want… and that why I hated the screen… YOUR PARTNER DIED…. NO IT NEED TO SAY:”YOU DIED” so that you know that ur a failure in this game… if my partner died its sheva’s fault, but when I died I KNOW WHAT TO DO TO STEP IT UP!!

    And then there was Resident Evil; Operation Raccoon City… They just blend socom with a cannon storyline of Resident evil and thatstr it… CRAP. I rest my case… But thanks to the great marketing strategie they made us fans, want to buy it… I regret this…They took Outbreak FILES 1 and 2 and they forgot about the HORROR, the camera angles etc etc…

    And then there was RE:6 GREAT STORY, and thats all It was fun for one ride and thats it… no horror, no suspense, just straight to point a to point b and you get more of the story…

    to overall this all of the above… evolution sucks…

    P.S.: sorry for my bad english

    Yours truly,

    Illa Abels

  • I originally got into the series when I heard all your teammates die and one of your own members comes back to life to try to kill you. Fancinating. Then two rolled around and it was the simple fact that you beat the game and play a completely different path with a secondary character. Sure the crossbow sucked but the story was amazing. Three rolled around and it was run for your life mediocre story with the potential for bigger and badder guns. It was AOK. Then Code Veronica came out and it was built around the story again which was fun…insert a couple mediocre light guns games and the anti-climatic oubreak series. Insert two better than OK light gun games that filled in the story and the always amazing REmake. Remake was amazing and proved to be the best way to creep out everyone. RE0 was unnessesary and it’s only purpose was to joke about the frog and shooting my hookshot into a gaping hole. Resident Evil 4 really changed the field for me, story was pretty darn good and there was finally good camera angles…sure it took away from the horror but the levels could be so much more and it didnt dissappoint. Including a couple up skirts for Ashley. Resident Evil 5 was a clone of 4 that tried to exploit the quick time a little too much…but overall I think that one had the most replayability as it introduced coop. AI wasnt much to talk about but if you actually had a teammate the game was groovy. Now that RE6 is out I can’t get enough of the game play but I think the main thing they are missing is building any level of concern for your teammates. by that I mean anyone on the BSAA besides Piers needs an awesome backstory. Go back to having a booklet where I faun over Rebecca, Frost, Speyer and try to think about what they were into while Chris was wrecking bolders with his bare hands.
    Gameplay progression has been great but over all I think the series has lost its ability to build non-primary characters. Give us more than faceless BSAA and I can give back fan-fiction.

  • AtilaLopez

    So people, let me tell you where this evolution is taking Resident Evil and my take on this..

    I myself a very dedicated, hardcore, diehard Resident Evil fan love Resident Evil with all my heart. But i myself wasn’t a fan from the beginning, one because i wasn’t born at that time the first Resident Evil came to be which is unfortunate i guess… but i wouldn’t wish i was. You see my first Resident Evil game was Resident Evil Code Veronica for dreamcast you must think that’s the game that got me into Resident Evil but it wasn’t and at the time I didn’t even know it was a Resident Evil game and you’ll see where I’m trying to get with this…

    So yea i find it interesting that i didn’t fall in love with the old school Resident Evil game like YOU GUYS did and that says a lot. It was scary, frightening and all of that we know about it that makes it what it is what makes it so loveable for you guys, but not me, it NEVER caught my attention.

    So then my next Resident Evil game i encountered myself with was the first original Resident Evil game, the one that started it all. So let me start by saying that game was the SCARIEST game i had ever played in my entire life, i mean it.The only time i would find myself playing it would be when there was 3 or more people playing it with me but it was still too much to handle, like i literally didn’t make any progress all i did was walk into rooms die, or run away ALL THE TIME. Everything that made this Resident Evil game what it was ( You People Know What I’m Talking About ), EVERYTHING that made you people LOVE IT when you first played that made Resident Evil… well “Resident Evil” didn’t get ME into the franchise. Can you believe that ALL OF THAT didn’t get me into Resident Evil, everything that made it so special just didn’t manage to catch my interests, but for you guys it was a MASTERPIECE. To this day i still don’t understand what “REALLY” made this game so special to guys that it didn’t to me.

    Now onto the game that made it all happened… RESIDENT EVIL….. 4!!!!

    I remember i was at my cousins house and I saw him playing a game, that game was Resident Evil 4 and let me tell you i had no idea I had played a Resident Evil game before even though I had. AND boy… I was just fascinated with that game… I had no clue what it was about or what the game was called BUT is was just so ******* amazing :,)

    And then when i got my hands on it OMG, THAT WAS WHEN IT HAPPENED… that’s when i fell in love with Resident Evil that’s when i got in the series. I would wake up so ******* early to play it every single day. It was just so incredible, i had never loved a game so much BUT I did and I beat that game so many times ( MEMORIES…) :,(

    So tell me what made Resident Evil 4 so ******* amazing that got me into the franchise that the FIRST Resident Evil and Code-Veronica didn’t?

    And i’m going to be honest with you guys and say it was the “GAMEPLAY” the gameplay was what defined the game into what it was and what made it so special to me, TOO ME that is, I mean I didn’t give a **** about the story (because i didn’t know a lot about it though ^-^) or anything else besides the “GAMEPLAY” you see that is what i believe made Resident Evil 4 so special to NEWCOMERS like myself and for older fans i have no clue but i’m guessing it was the gameplay and “story” ( and…I’ll Get Into That In A Bit) or maybe something else.

    You see the evolution of Resident Evil, the evolution that came to be as Resident Evil 4 was what got A LOT of people into Resident Evil what marked Resident Evil’s LEGACY for US NEWCOMERS and “OTHER” fans who loved the change. Without this beautiful change I don’t believe i would find myself or others so in love with Resident Evil. What I’m trying to say is that is that CHANGE is good for Resident Evil, EVOLUTION is good. This “Change” got us into Resident Evil and i believe that there’s nothing wrong with change because it’s a good thing for Resident Evil, it got a new generation of fans because of Resident Evil 4. If Resident Evil continues to EVOLVE more and more newer audiences might get into Resident Evil just like it has happened before.

    BUT you see there’s a problem i’m noticing Capcom is doing.

    That problem has to do with the STORY of Resident Evil I myself believe Capcom is worrying too much about change, “GAMEPLAY” change you see to me it seems that there top priority and what they care about is the “Gameplay” because that’s what they feel matters the most to US or SOME of us, but to be honest although that’s what got me into Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil in general i’ve noticed that it’s not about Gameplay to me anymore, although it used to and that’s what led me to buying and loving RE5. After beating RE6 it just didn’t feel right but it wasn’t about the gameplay, ( Well some of it WAS) but it was all due too the STORY.

    I believe Capcom is worrying too much about gameplay that they’re not paying enough attention to the story which IMHO is what Resident Evil is all about but a lot of you don’t really seem to care. WHY?

    Because ever since Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5 came out all you old school fans ever wanted was for Capcom to return to their ROOTS, their old survival horror roots and what you guys basically mean is too bring back the old survival horror “GAMEPLAY” correct me if i’m wrong but that’s the deal right? YOU GUYS WANT EVERYTHING THAT MADE YOU GUYS’ RESIDENT EVIL so special to you guys, all it’s survival horror elements, but you guys have to understand that it needs to happen, just like you change, Resident Evil has to change. Although you might not accept it or not want it to happen it’s going to change and you guys have to deal with it just like I have.

    And while SOME of you are only focusing on them bringing back that “GAMEPLAY” you guys forget about the most important THING, the GOD DAM story!

    I’ve looked back into what “really” made Resident Evil so awesome and one day I figured out it was the “story” and was probably the only reason I even went back to play some of the old games to catch up and know everything there is about the great story the Resident Evil universe has to offer and also enjoy them as a game itself :D. I also now appreciate older Resident Evil games for what they really are for, their STORY and not for their gameplay because once you think about it what would Resident Evil be without their story? You could say the same thing about the gameplay BUT seriously Resident Evil wouldn’t be Resident Evil without it’s great story and characters. To be honest I rather have a game with an intriguing story and mediocre gameplay then a game with absolutely great gameplay but with story that is just SHIT.

    Some may agree, some may disagree but I truly believe that’s the case.

    Resident Evil 6’s story was absolute garbage compared to other Resident Evil titles and i personally LOVE RE5 more than RE6, although RE6 was a great game it could not top RE5 and other RE games for their “STORY”. Even though RE4 topped all Resident Evil games for EVERYTHING 😀

    Anyways just letting that out there that us fans should be less worried about “Gameplay”, especially the old school fans because change or should i say EVOLUTION is a good thing and look where Resident Evil has come to be with CHANGE if you don’t like change then deal with it period.

    OH and you TOO Capcom! The story is the most important aspect of Resident Evil and i feel you guys are screwing that up a bit because you’re too busy trying to please us with a the gameplay so don’t screw it up. Other than that do what you gotta do, we don’t mind change, or should I say “I” don’t mind change. But just don’t **** up the story ok?.

    So that’s basically it, the new direction Resident Evil is heading too is no problem to me 😀 …who knows it could become something more?

    I RESPECT the old school fans to the fullest, our ancestors if i could say, our people who we will look upon to and think about and how they are the ones responsible for the fate of our beloved game franchise Resident Evil.


  • Doug Minall

    I have always loved the RE series and respect the changes they have made. The bottom line is RE twists are kinda silly at time but as a whole RE is still strong.

  • Jenk Mueller

    I love the Resident Evil games. I think the series’ recent changes have been great overall and I love the games. My favorite of the classic titles was 2 but the first one I ever played was 3. I had always wanted a game that combined those two titles with multiplayer when I was younger. I really liked Operation Raccoon City because the heroes mode was an exact replica of what I had envisioned. I know the game catches a lot of crap but I thought it was so awesome and I’m glad that there is still an online following of players. The carnage of raccoon city was the perfect backdrop for intense shootouts and chases.

    Resident Evil 6 has been a blast so far as well. I think the controls are more fluid than prior installments and the story was great. My one issue was replay value on the campaigns. Even though I loved Leon’s campaign, I found it boring the second time through because there were no surprises or scares or just downright creepy things that I had missed on the first go-through. Mercenaries is a lot of fun though. I think it’s a great series and I’m glad they are planning on releasing multiple RE titles each year. I love the changes they have made and I’m glad the series is selling so many copies as a result.


  • Jason

    Well I love Resident Evil, I personally do not care which way the series goes. I have loved every single Resident Evil game that I have played including Gaiden, 5, Dead Aim, etc. I love the story in Resident Evil which is mainly the reason why I do not care where the gameplay goes even though personally I would love to see a new game in the style of Resident Evil 0-3.

  • The evolution of the Resident evil series is very interesting, here is a series that was slowly heading to obscurity; not to say it was doing badly. But people were starting to tire of the staples of the series. REmake blew people away, yet they were noticeably less interested in the following Resident Evil Zero.

    Resident Evil 4 was always going to shake things up, just from judging from the unreleased early versions. Did the series really need a re imagining? If we look at a Capom franchise like Megaman or Viewtiful Joe, series that went the same way Resident evil was heading. Not unpopular, but not consumable enough for Capcom to take them serious

    So in my mind, I see there being two options. One in that Resident Evil stayed true to the original formula, continued the story. If it was still being supported, which I believe it would be, it would not be given the same amount of attention or money as it does today. That is a sad truth, I feel bittersweet about the way the franchise has become; I don’t want a forced co op, I wanted a more fitting end to the series iconic antagonist Albert Wesker, I want more scares and less action
    Yet, I have to commend its evolution. Those in charge saw where it was going and transformed it, turned it from a well known horror franchise, to a mainstream bombshell. It has evolved spectacularly well, I may not like where it has gone but I cannot ignore the huge success its been financially.

    In terms of quality however, its something you see watered down in many popular mainstream series. So i find myself filled with many mixed emotions, its evolved into a massive success of a series, yet its not the same games I fell in love with all those years ago.

  • My first run-in with the undead was on the N64 and Resident Evil 2. Lurking behind wooden doors were the moans of what would be in my nightmares for many years. It’s interesting seeing how the story has progressed since the late 90s…after I scrambled to complete my collection of Resident Evil merchandise. Though the play-style has changed drastically from static camera angles and eerie shuffling feet and moaning noises to over the shoulder sprints through explosions and weapon wielding undead, I have been on board the whole time. With any sort of story, things need to evolve and from starting at horror and evolving into stress inducing action sequences, it seems right.

    Resident Evil 6 was a game I have been waiting for since Resident Evil 4 really marked the change in the Resident Evil franchise. I loved Resident Evil 4 for the fact that I could no longer just sprint by the shuffling nightmares, I actually had to worry about them. Shooting them became a frightful ordeal as giant appendages burst out at me causing more than one can of soda to end up on the floor in my living room. Then along came Resident Evil 5. Though I was constantly needing paper towels to catch the drool streaming from my mouth due to Chris “upgrades”, I found myself not all that frightened by the game. I felt that the fear I had from Resident Evil 4 had turned into just simple run-and-gun anxiety in Resident Evil 5. I never had a chance to play Revelations (I am intending to get a 3DS just to have the game), but I made sure to pre-order Resident Evil 6 (Capcom even sent my my Umbrella Corp umbrella…) and was in awe all over again, screaming as monsters burst through windows I wasn’t even aware were there. Even the action sequences had me checking behind me as I tried not to die for the 5th time on EASY! I have yet to finish the game only because my partner refuses to let me sleep with the light on in the bedroom at the age of 26.

    Though camera angles have changed and the pixels have become smaller and less noticeable, I still find myself absolutely obsessed with Resident Evil. As with any franchise, changes will occur and not everyone will like them. As for me, I doubt Capcom could be making the series as big as it is had they kept with solid survival-horror and I am happy to socialize with new people to the series because it now caters to both my desire to piss myself in fear and their desire to run an action game with a horror twist. Also, given the story evolution from starting in a city in the Midwest to an epic global catastrophe I feel that the design of the game needed to change just to give the global feel. Static camera angles and walking into walls (I did that a lot) would just not cut it when running through the heart of major cities and trying to save the world from total annihilation. And with Revelations really feeding the survival horror fans, I think Resident Evil 6 and the evolution of the series is moving along strongly and I love what Capcom is doing to make our group of Resident Evil junkies that much bigger.

    For the times that I want classic Resident Evil, I have made sure to keep the systems I can play my old-style games on, but with anything else, I am willing to evolve and go along for the ride with the new action-style, camera angle, and story. And bring on more Chris any day…I buy Bounty in bulk now!!!

  • I love the Resident Evil series, and i’m excited to see where it goes next but as a fan of the series I have to express my concern on Capcoms attempt to make it casualized, action packed, and for all intents and purposes mainstream. As I view it from the series standpoint I can see why certain things are the way they are. It just makes sense to see Chris in an action packed game given his place in the BSAA. I just believe that R.E. needs more horrific atmosphere, Revelations I believe brought everything I believe the RE franchise needed. It had atmoshere, the same great 3rd person controls, it was pretty challenging, and it had a good story. Shame we couldnt have gotten a main console version of it, even if its a 3d less port. I believe Capcom tried to compete with the more popular types of games with RE6, while at the same time trying to please too many types of gamers. While thats a commendable move, I believe they should stick to what the series is known for, not tank controls or static backgrounds but a good horror experience with a good continuously evolving story. Since RE4 I think Resident Evil has been an action-horror game, despite the fact that the term is used to explain 5 and up. It had tense moments, good pacing, and a decent story (as random as it may have seemed at the time) but at the same time you had countless weapons at your disposal plus various action packed pieces. Capcom just needs to dial down the action it has built up since 5, build up the atmosphere and tension. I also believe that the introduction of co-op is another factor in making RE an action series. I enjoy the co-op and if I were to remake the older games, there would definitely be an option for it considering that most of the older games contain 2 protagonists anyways, but I suppose Capcom wanted to keep both players constantly engaged which is why they ramped up the action and the quick time events. Honestly, I think Lost In Nightmares and Revelations were the best to handle it. I will admit that I have yet to fully play Resident Evil 6 due to financial trouble, so most of my opinions are based on both demos ive played and parts of the game ive played after I rented it, but even with as little as ive experienced from it I can already conclude that they abused the quick time events this time around just to give it a more cinematic feel and to keep the player engaged. While that can be viewed as a good thing I believe it was unnecessary. Despite any gripes I may have with the way the games are being developed, I have yet to lose my love for the series. Capcom tried something new with Resident Evil 6, and while they got bombed is most reviews, I believe any step forward would be a good one from here. I want to see what they do next with the story and keep hoping the games start feeling more chilling and that there will be some remakes, maybe some ports, later along the line.

    I made a short video for my entry initally but I decided not to post it on here because I dont want it to be seen as my plugging myself on your site.

    my email:

  • Mikey Ward

    Honestly? While not necessarily the GAMES I wanted from RE, the concept is exactly what I’ve wanted since the early days. Meaning, as soon as RE2 hit, the sense of escalation is what drew me back into the series. Things started in a mansion, spread to the streets of a city, popped up throughout the rest of the world, and now we have full on biological warfare. I love it.

  • Jonathan Gum

    Evolution of Resident Evil

    The franchise certainly has come a long way, over fifteen years old, Capcom’s best selling IP has turned from its roots. From conserving ammo and desperately trying to dodge zombies in the claustrophobic corridors of a mansion, to running up to armed J’avo to knock the daylights out of it, punching him so hard he vaporizes into dust; Resident Evil changes with the times to appeal to the mindless action fans of today’s market. Now I know I went into this with fighting words, but now I ask, is this necessarily a bad thing? I don’t think so.

    Resident Evil 4 was my first title in the franchise, and this is the game that brought in a huge number of fans; it was ported to nearly every single game console imaginable. Not even Resident Evil 5 is getting this sort of treatment; which was the best selling Resident Evil on a single release. If the series had stayed the same with the slow pace and the camera angles for seven games straight it would have seen the same fate of Mega Man, who’s 25th anniversary is being celebrated on iOS devices. I’m not saying that the slow pace nor the fixed camera angles are necessarily bad, but it is dated. The fact that Capcom is putting so much work into Resident Evil to make it the best possible game it could be, means that they care about the well-being of their IP, and do what it takes to keep it going.

    The major thing that irks me every time I pop in Resident Evil 6 is that the game bares little on what the series stands for; Mr. Shinji Mikami’s work has very little of it’s established identity left, and instead adopts popular themes in replacement of a true horror experience. The game is by no means “scary,” and even if I did jump once, I won’t consider that an epic horror experience; something shocked me, it’s not the same as the psychological build up of wondering if a zombie is going to sink its teeth into my neck in the next room. Other Resident Evil titles get under my skin, they make me feel vulnerable and paranoid, and sometimes I need that in a game. We all need that, to push aside all the manly men who do manly things and actually be scared. In the end, Resident Evil 6 can throw back to as many of its previous titles in the past with references, enemies, bosses, stage format, tunes, and cutscenes, but it doesn’t make it more of a Resident Evil game.

    Resident Evil can use action elements and get away with it as long as it maintains the essence of horror, with the latest installment it seems like the series is going for a more story driven game; hence Capcom’s feeble attempt at creating a new genre title: “Dramatic Horror.” Here’s the problem: I never played a Resident Evil game because of the story, the main reason why people liked Resident Evil in the first place was because of the experience we had with the game. It’s that moment of panic when you’re backed into a corner with three zombies inching their way to you, it’s that mysterious island, that haunted village, these are the things that stay with us and shape who we are today. Be honest with yourself, if you had never finished a Resident Evil game would you be the person you are right now? It’s just one of those things you can’t get from Call of Duty or Borderlands. Resident Evil use to be affect me psychologically, but their last two installments feel like I’m just playing it for achievements.

    So to neatly wrap this up, I believe that Resident Evil is taking a step in the right direction by keeping up with the times, but there are so many things Capcom needs to do to keep the series grounded in its roots.

  • Lyndi Steinhilber

    I have been a RE fan for a good 13 years at least and Resident Evil 3 has been my favorite RE game since childhood.

    Current RE game-play: I really like it, even more so in RE6. the Melee is a great addition to the series I think. Don’t get me wrong, the past games will always be great and special in my heart. However, that style was for back then, things always change and I think the game-play and style now is a good direction. I would have to say adding a bit more horror to the future games would be a nice touch though; so it doesn’t feel just like an action to some fans. I like that RE5 and RE6 that we get a partner, I do have to admit it does take away for the “Survival-Horror” vibe though. But regardless, I like it. RE6’s AI is so much better than that of RE5, so a big thumbs up to that.

    The current story-lines of the RE world: I think they have been pretty good. Of course there are things that I wish had been different. Take RE6 for instance, I would have rather had Alex Wesker (mention in RE5) appear in RE6 instead of new character Jake Muller. The past rumors of him being Steve Burnside (RE:CV) would have been good too, since Wesker mentioned that Steve could come back to live like he himself did. I for one am not very fond of Jake, no disrespect to Capcom but it feels like they just shoved him into the series. I do not wish to see him return to future games. There will always be a part of me that wishes Wesker could come back to future games. But, I know that won’t happen. His time is done. Regardless, I think Alex Wesker should appear sooner or later, they could make him the next big villain of the series. I am also beyond happy that they have finally brought back Sherry Birkin to the series. She is one of my favorite RE characters, so I have to say that was a very nice touch to RE6.

    I liked the “campaign” addition in RE6 OK. But, it kind of made the game in general feel a bit short. So, if Capcom brings Campaigns back to future games, I hope they make the game it’s self longer.

    What I would like to see in future RE sequels:

    Right of the bat I have to say return of past characters like
    Rebecca Chambers, Billy Coen, Carlos Oliveira and even though Ark Thompson isn’t a character from a main RE game. He is from the canon story-line and actually well liked. As for Rebecca, Billy and Carlos, fans of RE all over the world have been asking for their return. They are characters people are very fond of and we wish to know what they have been up too. I think it would be a nice touch if they brought back the “typewriters” for the old time RE fans like myself.

    I also think they should keep bring back Chris Redfield, Sherry Birkin, Leon S Kennedy, Claire Redfield, and Jill Valentine to future games. When I watched the newest interview on the RE6 endings and that they actually thought of killing Chris Redfield off… I got a bit angry. You just do not kill a loved main character off, ever. So, obviously I hope they do not kill off beloved main characters.

    As for RE7 (which will happen) my dream team ups for it are Chris/Sherry, Leon/Claire, Carlos/Jill and Billy/Rebecca. And like I said before, Alex Wesker would make a very good possible new main villain. There is literally so many ways Capcom could go with him.
    Also, RE7 should have more maps on their mercenaries and more unlock-able costumes would be nice.

    Non-RE main number titles: I hope their will be a new RE: Chronicles game for the “Wii” console. I find the other two very fun and pretty nice additions to the RE world.


  • Diemitri

    I think that the series change from survival horror to an action type game is kind of okay because resident evil 6 is still ok with its action elements it still has horror elements but not as much as the first 4 games its changes are acceptable because even if you dont like te action parts in resident evil 6 it is still a great game to play and the series should make its way back to survival horror for fans to enjoy.

  • Taking a broader perspective, to a series that started in the 1990’s that clearly showed its roots with the entire theme of a corny 1990’s horror movie, and seeing how it survived to meet this day and age, I am quite
    pleased. Seeing this franchise survive and grow with a theme that a few others had (but did not become successful), and continue to make strides in its genre is a very interesting thing. With any Intellectual property, the directors thoughts and ideas are always present, with how a character express themselves (Zombie’s and monsters included), to how each and every situation is dealt with. By way of sheer interest, millions of children, teenagers, and adults, all found something in this game franchise that they found appealing, and continue to find appealing. With taking the single premise of a biological weapon, that when injected into Humans and animals, creates a legion of nightmarish creatures whose sole purpose is your demise, coupled with the fact of low ammunition, first aid, and perhaps a single reason to stay in said surroundings, (to find a missing loved one, or president’s daughter or old flame), allows the player, the audience member to fill in the blanks of a chosen characters reason or beliefs with their own. Would I stay in a zombie infested town to rescue my Family? Would I trek through dungeon, sewers, and ancient castle’s to complete a mission, to save someone I’ve never met? Therein lies the magic of video games, just like a movie, just like a book, they take you on a journey into their given world and present you with choices and opportunities that make you question your reason behind your choices. However Video games (i.e. Electronic entertainment) take this a step further by putting the role of continuing said story in your hands. Press onward and face the fear of being chased, eaten, maimed, or killed by ghoulish creatures or put the controller down and walk away, the choice is yours. However many players refuse to put the controller down but dive deeper into the nightmare, and I am one of them. Know of course you can say, RE:5 isn’t as scary as the previous entries or that RE:6 pulls two far from the roots of survival horror, but I must take each game as I play them, not how each every individual play them, as you should. I felt a different type of fear and anxiety when playing RE: 5, one of being swarmed and overrun, one of being nearly enveloped as I was mobbed by groups of infected town’s people. RE: 6, I have no complaints, variety is the spice of life and this game gave it to me. As I continue to pay money for a product that “Human Beings” Made I
    realized that people are not perfect nor are they predictable. People who make things that you like can sometimes change, whether good or bad it happens, for whatever reason, for whatever outcome it happens. However, seeing a video game franchise I enjoy change in different ways does not bother me to the point of loudly complaining or boycotting (Except when canceling a perfectly good game is involved (Mega Man Legends 3), then I will gladly sign petitions to have my voice heard in a respectable way). I play the game and enjoy it for what it is an expression of someone’s creativity. The same way with books (comic books included), movies (anime included), and music. I give it some of my attention, enjoy the thing, then I go about my life.

  • I started playing the games when I was 10 and the first one I played was Resident Evil 2. I loved it. Since then this has been my favorite series and what has made me love zombies so much.

    That being said, I was very skeptical and upset with how the series went with Resident Evil 4. While I enjoyed the game thoroughly, it was missing the spark it had from the earlier titles. As time went on though I learned to love where the series was headed, because in all actuality the style of gameplay from early was going out of style and that type of game just wasn’t selling anymore. Times change and we have to change with them.

    I would love to have a title that would be in the same aspect as RE2, but like I said, that kind of game just wouldn’t really sell now and as a company you have to look at what is selling at the time. While fans might want something survival horror and like it was in the olden days they have to always keep new players in mind when making them. Have to appeal to the masses sadly. I’ll always love this series and hope for direct remakes of older titles, but I’m down to evolve with the series and am very excited to see where it is headed.

  • jben


  • Christian Brandt

    As a diehard fan, it’s not hard to accept the changes Capcom has made to the series. Part of me believes Mikami chose to completely change Resident Evil 4 at the last minute, as a sort of “fuck you” toward Capcom, who was taking advantage of of the series he created. RE4 went through so many changes, it was obvious Capcom either had no idea what direction to take it, or wanted to milk it for all it’s worth… and it seems just that. RE4 spawned Devil May Cry and part of Haunting Ground. Would I have preferred the “original” version of Resident Evil 4? (Either the one with the Progenitor Cloud or mind-fucked Leon) Yes, I think I would have, but that doesn’t necessarily make the final RE4 bad, or not to my liking. RE4 brought a ton of new players to Resident Evil. Whenever I talk about the game to most gamers, they’ve never played 1-3, don’t know Code Veronica exists, and barely know any of the pre-dating story. I thought RE5 was an amazing game, despite its flaws, and I believe RE6 will feel just the same. If Capcom can keep a balance of survival and action horror, they will keep their old fans, and bring in new fans for years to come. We’ve been able to see this split for some time, such as on the 3DS. Mercenaries 3D was Action-Horror; Revelations was more Survival-Horror. With RE6 we have the separate scenarios. Many wish Capcom would go back to the original idea of “survival horror” and I think they might… a Resident Evil 2 remake can’t be too far off in the horizon.

    Name: Christian Brandt

  • Jacob Henson

    The series has evolved so much since i started playing it on the playstation 1 all those years ago. I have played all the games to great length except ORC and 6 (i have both just lack time) and i like the action that has been happening in the newer ones but just miss the down time where you are solving the puzzles to great detail or moving to that certain angle that gives you a creepy view, or something busting in the window to get you expectantly. I know they can not make the same game over and over again and the fixed camera system is a thing of the past and the graphics now days and the scenery of the games is beautiful so i cant complain about the games the stories are still good and that is what matters to me, if they can keep that up i will keep playing the games, but i will always have fond memories of exploring a mansion at the base of the Arklay Mountains following some mysterious events happening at Raccoon City.


  • I haven’t written an essay in 3 years so please bare with me and my
    horrible grammar. I will use all caps at times so when people skim
    through this comment i want them to remember those lines sorry if it
    gets obnoxious.

    Unlike a lot of classic survival horror fans my
    first real experience with RE was with Re5. I had played Re1,2 and 3 in
    my childhood and was too overwhelmed by my impending doom to ever make
    it anywhere near finish. I picked up Re5 due to the efforts of Re4’s
    earlier chapters. I owned an Xbox and missed out on Resident Evil as
    none of them made there way to the console. The way Re5 was being
    advertized and the features Capcom promised ( and neglected citing they
    removed) made it seemed like Re5 would out do Re4 in the survival aspect
    of survival horror. I got the game and quickly forgot about the removed
    features and enjoyed it on its own merits completing it with 6 or 7
    friends multiple times. The experience was similar to Gears of War and
    that was what we hoped for. It was my favorite game all that year.

    This encouraged me to go back and play the rest of the franchise
    so I played Re1(did not finish), Re2, Re3, Cv, Re4, Rebirth/Remake and
    0. As I made my way through the franchise I noticed that Re3 was
    definitely intended to be an action game, but its tank controls held it
    back. Of the titles I played I found my best experience was with Re
    Rebirth on the Wii and Re0. Those two usually get thrown under the bus
    with the other Re classic titles due tank controls, but tank controls
    probably hold them back from truly being the best the franchise has to
    offer. As works of design, those 2 stand above the others due to the art
    direction, music, investigations, small details, exploration and the
    complete sense of vulnerability that you honestly don’t find in Re4-6.

    The trademark look of a Resident Evil title was defined in 2002 by
    these titles and although it has been altered the basic style remains
    the same. I am an Illustration Entertainment major, so I feel on some
    level I know what I’m talking about. The Baroque style lighting in most
    of the environments were highly designed to mirror that of the
    classical paintings they were inspired by. Each room was designed to
    evoke a different sense of comfort or discomfort by the mood set by this
    aspect. This was only emphasized greatly by the fixed camera angles,
    which framed each scene like a painting. I personally think lighting is
    far more important than good graphics in a Resident Evil game. The
    music of these games much like that of the original Re and Re2 can be
    described as nothing less than Iconic. The only difference with ReRe/0
    and Re1/Re2 is the lack of music. Most of game you are left in silence
    with the sounds of the grasshoppers, generators, leaky faucets and
    foreboding zombie moans to console you 🙂 . You play in this entirely
    isolating world to stumble upon an eerie yet comforting track playing in
    the safe room and you don’t want leave. You know right outside the door
    resides a world danger. The only other time you hear a real song its
    either you playing the piano or sh*t has hit the fan and your fighting
    for your life against some impossible creature in a Boss scenario.

    The world of the classic Re was littered with tiny details that
    filled out the games mood. Detailed descriptions of tables, oozy
    substances, corpses and paintings make you feel as though your playing
    through a 1st person horror novel. Miscellaneous junk laying on the
    floors and shelves gave you an idea of what a room was used for and how
    spaces were lived in before everything went wrong. Dilapidated, unkept
    graveyards and bastardized Caravaggio paintings were perfect set pieces
    that completed the mood by making the environment feel evil not just the

    Exploration and investigation are far more important
    to an Re tittle than zombies, guns or any of that generic dribble. You
    play a police officer your job is to investigate and that’s what you did
    these games. You are sent to the Arklay Mountains to find out the cause
    of the mysterious disappearances happening in that area and find
    something greater. In order to complete the object you read files,
    documents and watch videos while exploring every nook and cranny in the
    mansion/ training facility/lab/etc. Sometimes you have to find a key as
    there were secrets being kept away in certain areas and you the
    investigator should collect them. Sometimes these files have dates and
    times that answer puzzles. Nothing is given to you. Zombies don’t drop
    keys, no magical ammo boxes/barrels around and answers to puzzles are
    cryptic. The way to answer your problems is to be 100% thorough and use
    your brain rather than dodging laser guided arrows by rolling around on
    the ground. Sometimes finding the object you need isn’t enough. You need
    to inspect and disassemble it to find what your really looking for.
    These are ingenious, progressive mechanics that Resident Evil has
    forgotten in recent entries that expand the length of the game in an
    interesting way.

    Your main objective other than investigation
    was survival not to seek action. In Re0 and Remake just as in 1 and 2
    you die very easily and often. In fact depending on which character you
    use you died even quicker as not everyone has the same standard vitality
    and strength. Its not completely due to a lack of ammo because you can
    strategically kill the enemies you need to kill and run from the others.
    In fact if you ran out of ammo its safe to say your bad at Resident
    Evil with the old games. When you had to fight it only took 3 or 4
    enemies to put you on your seats edge as they were hard to kill unlike a
    the vast majority of enemies we face in the modern titles. A COMMON
    just has more life than the other.

    Now I return to the modern Re
    title. I’ve replayed and played 4,5,6 (Leon’s campaign and some of
    Jake’s and Chris as I don’t own Re6 yet) Coon city and Revelations since
    then and my tastes have changed. I love Re4 and Revelations for trying
    to integrate suspense in moody environments. I liked Raccoon City as a
    shooter although its heavily flawed and the story mode was repetitive it
    was a fun and a good concept for a spin off. If Capcom/Slant Six would
    have balanced it properly and made sure the online worked well we would
    still have some excitement for the tittle still. I really hope the make
    another one, but with an in house team. 5 and 6 on the other hand I have
    no love for. They are seriously the most generic Re games I’ve ever
    played. My taste for 5 did a 360 degree turn once I played most of what
    the franchise had to offer. Re 6 and 5 are great games on there own and
    would be loved if they weren’t Re tittles (especially 6), but by
    comparison to the identity established by the previous tittles they kind
    of fail.

    Suspense was a key part of the Resident Evil formula as
    it was orchestrated with the space between enemies and puzzles had a
    good balance. Now Resident Evil just sits there and spams you with
    enemies till you hopefully get overwhelmed. Suspense builds up for
    Action and the Action sets the stage for Horror. Any Horror fan know
    this to be true with out proper spacing there is no fear. That is why
    BULLSH*T THE MISINFORMED. Watch the Evil Dead, Dawn of the Dead 1978,
    The Walking Dead, Texas Chainsaw Massacre,etc. if you need an example.
    Too much action leads to no horror it all gets stale really fast. The
    music has gotten so generic and boring you cant remember anything but
    the Mercenaries track. It goes for the lighting as well as each level
    has one blanket theme of various oranges (Re5) and bright light or dim
    on various shades of gray and brown (Most of Re6). RE6 HAS LESS COLOR
    THAN EVERY GEARS OF WAR TITLE a franchise constantly under siege for
    being to neutral. No room or path is particularly remembered for its
    mood just its items and enemies. The absolute linearity of 5-6 is almost
    an insult to gamer intelligence as a whole and of course I blame Gears
    and Call of Duty for this influence. I hate the fact Re is becoming so
    point A to Point B and clear all of the zombies in the room. I know not
    everyone wants to think when they play game but Re1, 2, 3, Cv, 0, Re:re
    were all about thinking not controller skills. THAT IS WHY THE CONTROLS
    DIDN’T MATTER. It was never about shooting a gun, but if you could your
    romp through the game would be easier than the next guys. A lot of
    gamers love open world environments which is why Rockstar does so well.
    The ability to go anywhere by choice on a smaller scale was once
    available in an Re tittle. I will admit you wasted a lot of time because
    of it, but it was enjoyable because no one held your hand and gave you
    control to fulfill your mission. 4 to 6 I just feel so controlled and
    confined by the designers. Every environment in a new title is designed
    around the enemies you face there. Every room is a killing floor in a
    franchise that is supposed to be about your wits and getting killed only
    so you do it better the next time around (survival). You don’t really
    hide or run from your enemies in Re6 unless scripted to do so. Ustanak
    encounters don’t even give you choice like Re3’s Nemesis encounters its
    always determined by the developers how the story plays. The story is
    getting better but the gameplay is getting worse due to an over reliance
    on character emphasis and borrowed shooter mechanics and overall lack
    of Identity. Resident Evil 6’s “Heroes Journey” has made the games about
    the character, how badass they are and how much you want them to
    succeed. The characters never shut their gobs and let me be immersed in
    the game as myself like with the old tittles. In the old games
    Chris/Billy/Leon was a boy and Jill/Rebecca/Claire was a girl that’s all
    you needed to know because you were here for the horror. Now the
    characters are more emotional and have more problems than a daytime soap
    opera cast and has made me loose respect for them (Jill, Chris,Helena,
    Piers, Leon and Sherry). The were likable because although the odds were
    against them they didn’t complain or cry. Your fear and emotions were
    important not your characters. They talk so much more now, Capcom slips
    in more cheesy lines than a regular Re tittle should have and coupled
    with the explosions its beginning to look like a Transformer movie. Also
    there new found Kung-fu skills make them even more unrealistic and
    physically almost unstoppable if you can play the game right.

    barely even mind the QTE’s although having so many makes them game feel
    even more dumbed down when it already has been. I’m actually happy the
    shootings improved it makes Resident Evil more fun for everyone, but
    over reliance on shooting mechanics has introduced easy mode aka RE easy
    to kill baddies because all other aspects outside of shooting are not
    integral to the structure of the game. The whole game is getting simpler
    on top of getting simpler anyways. You don’t read anymore, explore,
    investigate or collect items and clues all you do is shoot, listen to
    characters wine and watch pretty cutscences. Its sad to to see so many
    key aspects thrown out because the were in they were in an era of bad
    controls. As is Resident Evil has very little Resident Evil left in it.
    If you want a good example of the EVOLUTION OF A FRANCHISE PLAY METAL
    GEAR SOLID. Nothing is thrown out but everything is improved and added
    to with the technological advances we now have today, so why does Capcom
    feel they need to? Because they want COD money so they made a COD-esque
    game. Resident Evils popular why not bastardize that it has guns in it
    RIGHT? Capcom just wants a sure fire moneymaker and doesn’t want to
    develop a new franchise.

  • Moy(;

    I’ve been a fan of the resident evil franchise since i was 3 years old. I use to watch my Dad play resident evil 1-cv. The game nevered scared me as a child. I was more interested by the gameplay and graphics. The plot lines were like a 3 week movie too me! The gameplay was a part of the “adventure Movie!” Now since im 19, i’ve collected all the games, and beat them all. I am still in love with the franchise.
    Change is necessary. Without change, we would be typing this on our typewriters. Sure critics are pissed because of the changes in Resident Evil 6, but that is how we learn.
    Capcom won’t know what would sell untill they sell it. New ideas and new tinks would eventually lead into a masterpiece. Each step, in the resident evil franchise, is a step closer to a masteriece.
    Disagree? Ask apple(the richest corporation on the planet). Apple changed there merchandises so munch that they are now the most demanded products. If Resident Evil keep following this path, it’ll be one of the most high selling games of all time.
    Resident evil is a beloved franchise. It is hypocritical to say that the change, in the franchise, is a bad thing because we, as people change. For example, our views on sex have changed. It is better to accept the gifts of change, rather than hold onto hatred to the change. It is okay to miss the older games.
    The older games will always remain in our memories. I will always remeber cuddling next to my family, while watching my Dad play Resident Evil. However, like most things in life, we have to give it a good-bye kiss and move on.
    The change is a bitter sweet. I love the franchise deeply, and it’s hard to say good-bye and adjust. We need to adjust with the change to keep us and the franchise stronger.
    I will love you always, Resident Evil.
    My email:

  • Skan

    I have a PS3… but I’m still going for a T-shirt.

    I first discovered the series through Resident Evil 4 for
    the PS2. It was the first “survival horror” game I had ever played, and it
    introduced me to the whole genre. The gameplay was awesome, the plot was cheesy, and the enemies were pretty cool. I realize that a lot of people
    complained about the lack of real zombies, but I understood that the games are about bio-weapons in general, not just zombies. That being said, the
    Regenerators and Iron Maidens were the only truly scary things in the game, and they still give me nightmares.

    After Resident Evil 4, I decided to download the directors
    cut of Resident Evil 1 off the PSN. The controls had me running into walls,
    some of the jump scares actually had me jumping, and the voice acting had me cracking up. And despite its many, many flaws, I fell in love with that game and its style. I went on to download Resident Evil 2, but I still played
    Resident Evil 1 more.

    Then I got the gold edition of Resident Evil 5. I have three
    gripes with RE5. The first is the mandatory partner system its got going on.
    Sure, that’s great for social people with a decent Internet connection, but what about those of us who prefer to or have to play solo? We get stuck with an idiot AI. And it doesn’t matter if you play as Chris or Sheva, your partner will still get you killed often. My second gripe is Albert Wesker. For some reason he went from flippant badass to foaming at the mouth lunatic. What happened there? My third gripe is the RE4 control scheme option. What sadist looked at RE4’s control scheme and said, “You know what would be funny? If we switched the X and square buttons functions in RE5 just to screw with everyone.” Gripes aside, I truly enjoy playing Resident Evil 5. It made me really good at quick time events. But the best thing about RE5 is the Lost in Nightmares prologue/side story. I love Lost in Nightmares as much as I love RE4. And it actually had some scary enemies.

    Lost in Nightmares, in my mind, is the ideal modern Resident
    Evil game. It combines the changes brought on by modern consoles with the old RE1 feel. And that hidden camera angle option made me smile. I have yet to play RE6, so I can’t comment on that game just yet. It looks cool though. I like the hand to hand combat I’ve seen in the trailers.

    So to answer the question, do I accept the changes to the
    series? Yes and no. Yes because I realize that you cannot use the same style over and over again successfully, and no because I’m a stubborn nostalgic. However, if Capcom goes on to make more Resident Evil games like Lost in Nightmares, then I will be happy, but in the end I will always go back to my silly director’s cut of Resident Evil 1.

  • DevilishDemento

    I really want this, but sadly, I live in England so can’t win. However, I’ll still shorten my thoughts on the series to this:

    I see little reason for Resident Evil to return to its roots. That would liken the series to the oldest Resident Evil games: although enjoyable, it would be constantly backtracking and always running straight into a giant wall of non-progression. In my opinion, it’s healthy for the series to take the path of Resi 6: always moving forward because stopping and looking back can be a costly error; but also retaining the right amount of where it originated from.

    And like the end of a certain campaign: evolution or mutation may kill a small part of the series, but ultimately, the best parts still manage to pull through.

  • Oh man, 360 only? That sucks.

  • Well, I believe that Capcom has try to do everything in their power to improve the old Resident Evil we all know and love and adapt it to the new generation. However, doing everything they can, doesn’t mean they’re doing it right. Resident Evil 5 can well be the worst game in the series, it’s a completely departure from Classic-Style RE to something new. The reason I played and finished RE5 is because of loyalty to the series. Resident Evil 6, Chris’s scenario to be specific, was forced into the hands and eyes of the fans. It was a punch in the face. It was Capcom’s final statement: ”This is where we are going with RE”.

    We need to take into account that Leon’s scenario was really a shot in the bullseye, the perfect mix of good-ol’ RE and New generation approaches. It was perfect. If they would have done the same for the whole 20 hours of gameplay, I’m pretty sure the rating would’ve been higher.

    I despise New RE, except for Leon’s Scenario. However, there’s still hope. Remember Resident Evil Revelations for the 3DS? that game was perfect in every aspect, Survival-Horror at its finest, Still way better than Chris Scenario from RE6. Also, a rumored RE2 Remake is also on the horizon. If Capcom is doing a Loyal remake in essence, such as using classic camera angles, Type-writter saving system among others, It would definitely be what fans as myself are waiting.

    I remember when I first played a Resident Evil game. It was RE2, it was my entry to the world of zombies and saving ammunition to survive, avoiding zombies, looking for Green herbs/Ink ribbons, trying every locked door and expecting the unexpected marked my love for the series. However, RE 3 Nemesis, is my personal favorite, Having a Stalker BOW such as Nemesis breathing on my neck every time I discovered something new but also sharing the improved game mechanics from RE2, was just astonishing.

    I just wonder, would I ever play another RE game where I find myself running in low health, with low ammunition and just one Ink ribbon looking desperately to get to a room with peaceful yet stressing music playing in the background with a pair of herbs laying on the ground, ammunition on a desk, and a typewriter to save my progress?

    Fernando Silva:

  • Personally, I’ve accepted the new direction of Resident Evil and actually feel that it all goes back to the storyline itself. When I was younger I used to believe Resident Evil/Biohazard was straight up ‘survival horror’. But with every new release, I think we’ve gotten bits of pieces of the true storyline revolving Resident Evil and the picture that Capcom has been trying to portray all along.

    The goal from the very beginning was to unlock the potential secrets the “Stairway of the Sun” plant had. Thus, Umbrella Corporations was formed and the Progenitor Virus was derived from the plant.

    Umbrella Corp. (mainly Oswell Spencer) wanted to unlock what was hidden inside the plant to see if you could truly inherit great strength from it. Years of work, failed experiments and what ends up spiraling out of control end up coming to the full realization that is; Resident Evil 1-3 & Code Veronica.

    Zombies, Undead Dogs, Lickers, etc. were all biproducts of research and mutation (and what we eventually ended up crapping our pants constantly over).

    As new organizations and goals are formed, we learn of a completely new one called “Las Plagas” (Resident Evil 4), and we see eventually see the evolution of the Plagas (Type 2) which have become more efficient (Resident Evil 5). Along with further insight and the discovery of the origin of the plant that spawned the Progenitor Virus. All further adding to the Resident Evil lore and the true “Biohazard” aspect of it.

    But the point that I’m trying to get across here, is that through the hidden agendas of members of Umbrella and Tricell. We learn that most of them want something; power, control, or fame/fortune. These organizations become so mangled in corruption and greed that we see B.O.Ws being sold to the black market. We see more of this in Resident Evil Damnation, and also further development with Las Plagas. We even see two lead characters being able to control Lickers.

    And thus, we get to Resident Evil 6. By now, researches have a much better understanding of said viruses and as such can modify them to even greater extents. The inception of the C-Virus is pretty amazing yet complicated. We got freaks like Ustanak that totally resemble the previous Tyrants in resilience and strength, also have J’avo (that resemble the Ganado/Majini) along with our classic but smarter zombies for those nostalgic fans (RE1-3) that wanted to blast some heads like old times. Who knows where Capcom will take the series to next, but with new characters like Jake Mueller, and Sherry Birkin. Capcom has a large array of options now.

    I feel some fans created a preconceived notion of the game when it came out due to nostalgia. Many went to hating it straight on for it’s action oriented controls, QTEs, and of course; the survival horror factor. Sure, if you look at it from a gameplay point of view this might be disappointing. However, I feel that the storyline has been leading to this direction in what I personally believe has been in the making for well over a decade now.

    In my opinion, Resident Evil 6 gave something to everyone, while playing Leon’s campaign I felt that Racoon City nostalgia. Chris’s campaign felt more or less like Resident Evil 4-5 but with bigger, badder guns, and last but not least Jake’s had that nice stealth touch to it, you can already tell where the story will be headed if you’ve played Jakes campaign.
    The controls were superb, and fluid compared to the “tank” controls we grew accustomed to throughout the series, and I think Capcom has proven that they know how to handle a ‘horror’ game. Lost in Nightmares DLC for RE5 was extremely well executed and had that suspense/horror vibe. Leon’s campaign in RE6 (Chapter 1 especially) put you in nearly the same situation than that of Racoon City.

    My only real gripe when it came down to Resident Evil 6 was the QTE’s, too many to count, and on consecutive playthrough it becomes somewhat of a chore instead of a thrill. If they cut down to it, Capcom has a good recipe already when it comes down to storyline/gameplay.
    To end this off, I’d like to thank RelyonHorror for this chance, and to everyone, Happy Halloween! 😀

  • I got hooked from the original Resident Evil not director’s cut but the original that came out in 96′ I as well watched my dad play it and over time fell in love and very obsessed with the whole series he bought me the double disc Director’s cut for a Christmas present, mom got me re2 and then my dad bought me re3 when it came out, all of the re games I got so good at them that I could literally beat them under 3 hrs, withought saving. Every time I hear about a new RE game i feel ecstatic. I’ve owned and played every title in the series except for re: Gaiden which came out for the game boy color. I used to have a huge re collection :figures, guide books, art books, CDs,Japanese and American dvd’s/blu-ray, shirts,posters ,etc…… Resident Evil, I believe that I will never quit playing and enjoying despite of all the changes it goes through cause in a way there’s still something special about the whole series that has alwaysed been there ever since the original, although I have to admit that I really do miss the old camera angles, to me ResidentEvil 0 and the remake of RE1 was the most awesome re game when it came to improved graphics

  • I’ve been playing RE for 10+ years, so I’m part of the shrinking percentage of people who were actually involved in the series before and after the changes. The changes in RE4 were interesting, even if they weren’t entirely accepted. That game managed to keep the story in a general horror theme, while making the series more accessible to others.

    The problems (for me, at least) began with RE5. It was an interesting game, but it was obvious they had no clue on where to take the series. They just re-hashed more then half of RE4 and re-tooled it for Chris and later for co-op (which totally had nothing to do with the race issues). The lack if creativity was astonishing.

    Luckily, RE6 managed to fix a lot of the issues in RE5. While the overall story was hurt by the fact that they cut out a lot of the info that was needed for the newer characters to matter (it was all shoved into files), it definitely was more interesting than RE5. The new gameplay mechanics also helped it feel like a step up.The only real problem with RE6 was that it tried to do too much. Having so many stories going on at the same time while adding a ton of new characters ended up making the story extremely convoluted (even for an RE game). Some people have a problem with the fact that it’s not entirely action or horror, but I’m still hoping they’ll find that sweet spot in between the genres. I’d prefer it even more if they kept the experimentation in the spin offs though.

    If the next RE sticks to just one general style (hopefully survival horror but I’ll take anything so long as it’s well executed), and sticks to one story that makes some sort of sense, it could easily win over a lot of old and new fans.

    My email:

  • chris

    Best franchise ever

  • Love this franchise

  • I like the changes to game play in Resident Evil 6 faster enemies and greater movement was badly needed for this series. I however do not like the action side of the game. The beginning of Leon’s campaign was great slow pace and enough zombies to keep you busy. Later in the story (namely in china) the game play took an awful turn to action. There are too many zombies and not enough slow scare moments like in Resident Evil. For me the worst part of this series now is the lack of puzzles. I started playing the Resident Evil series when Resident Evil 4 was released for the gamecube in 2004 since then I have gone back and played the first games and enjoyed them a lot because of the puzzles. The way the series game play has gone it is mostly puzzle-less as of the last three games Resident Evil 5 more so than any of them.

    The story in Resident Evil keeps evolving as well a change that I do like. Though I would like to see the setting condensed back to small villages and isolated islands outbreaks on a global scale moves the series along to a more realistic and terrifying setting.

    Over all the direction the series is going is good, but it could be better.


  • Lunare

    I’ve been a fan of the series since I was in elementary school. I watched my parents play through the first game, and I have a lot of good memories in association with the series. Each game has found a way into my heart, and while some games I loved more than the others, there hasn’t really been one I’ve been disappointed in.

    People seem to forget that a game series that becomes stuck in the past is a series that won’t live much longer. A game needs to evolve, and change, and I believe Capcom has succeeded with this evolution. There’s no doubt that there have hiccups along the way, but with these hiccups, they learn.

    For me, Resident Evil 6 is a great addition to the ongoing series. It introduces new three dimensional characters, and further expands on the personalities of the veteran characters. The AI in this one no longer makes me want to pull out my hair as often, and the multiple story lines, though each one shorter than I liked, were very well done.

    If I were to voice any gripes, it would be the lack of an interesting villain. For me, the villains were very much one-noted–though this may simply be due to the fact that nothing can quite top characters like Alexia Ashford, or Albert Wesker.

    All in all, I’m enjoying the direction this series is going. I don’t want them to revert back to the style of the first Resident Evil, or even reach back to the 4th. I believe they need to keep going the way they are, keep changing and innovating or the series will disappear.

    Thank you for reading. (

  • DarkDreamT2

    This will be my 16th aand final attempt to do this thnks to sandy, laggy phone service and crashes.

    The series has been evolving with each new entry. As early as directors cut have we received little updates like the ability to autoaim. 2 expanded the environment and introduced multiple scenarios, 3 aadded a dodge mechanics nd a constant nemesis stalker threat, code veronica added dual wielding aaand a better narrative, REmake added defense items and crimsons, aand Zero added an intricate co-op mechanic. All these games held onto fixed camera angles, saving with ribbons, and focused on survival and horror aspects.

    Resident evil 4 could be considered the second evolution of this franchise type pokemon, as it changed a lot of things. The perspective, enemy behavior aand intelligence, environments, the scale, the inventory, aiming, actions… pretty much the only thing that stayed the same were the characters, the use of files to convey some of the plot and the fact that saving ws done through typewriters, albeit without the need for ink ribbons. They even added a currency and merchant system. This game found a good balance between atmosphere and action. The game was pretty scary the first time around, and it always kept you on your toes. Resident Evil 5 added a co-op function maaking it the first multiplayer game in the main series, a dramatic yet convoluted story, a checkpoint system and aa heavy focus on action. Horror was kinda gone tho, it was all out warfar and grudges. Revelations held much of the same gameplay as 4 and 5, but returned to its horror roots with the atmosphere and the creepy enemies. Tight corridors abound aas the enemies oozed from vents to attack you, and it introduced an item scanner to find much needed ammo, as it was once again scarce.

    Now we haave Resident Evil 6. This has the most action of the series, really huge environments, multiple scenaarios, a skill system and many dodging and melee movements. This game introduces to the franchise the ability to move, aim, and shoot. It makes the game very action oriented, but at the same time the game retains some good atmosphere. The horror isn’t there as before due to all of the character abilities, yet a sense of tension is left in its waake. You truly felt the world coming to an end in these scenarios and are left with a memorable experience.

    With all of this said, I feel that the series is doing really well and is going in the right direction, but isn’t quite there yet. I really enjoy the feel of re6, but to make re become completely breathtaking Capcom has to really appeal to the horror side of things. We don’t need inventory managment anymore, we just need more horror. Imagine how creepy re7 could be if our characters’ movement and abilities were used against us. If the area we were in was completely desolate, the enemies strong and fast enough to match our own abilities, and an ever-changing environment that wanted you dead. The fight with Carla truly terrified me, and imaging a game that has that kind of a feel with pacing that fluctuates from slow to fast, yet evenly progresses could just be amazing. Basically, they should find a way to merge Revelations and RE6 and design the gaame to be scary and challing in proportion to the abilities of the player. That can make the series go places.

    Lastly, I feel that capcom would benefit from REmaking earlier titles like 2, 3 and Code Veronica in the way of the gamecube Remake so that those of us who enjoyed the classic gameplay can once again experience it. If it were possible to make it sso that we could play it either with fixed camera angles or from the shoulder perspective, the game would be aamazing and give us a taste of the hookman version of re4 that never was. But only do this for remakes or revisits of past titles, the main series should keep moving forward and become the Jake Wesker the horror genre needs.

    Thank you for reading! My email is

  • Back in 1999, being a naive little boy, I went with my mother to a local video store to rent a game. After a while of searching I happened to come across a game with a picture of a sickly looking man peeking from around a corner with the title “Resident Evil 2” displayed in big red letters. Fascinated, I took the game home, booted it up on my PlayStation and immediately regretted my decision. After a short backstory I was forced to defend myself as a young woman against an enemy I have never faced before with controls I have had no experience with. After I died and witnessing the gruesome cutscene that followed, I started to cry.

    That, my friends, was true horror. That feeling of being like a microwave burrito, nice and warm outside but cold and dead inside.

    I feel that we as the older generation have become somewhat desensitized to that feeling of terror. We have come to expect the unexpected and as such, nothing surprises us anymore. The fear is gone, never to return. We hope and pray that someone would release a game that would bring back that feeling of dread and despair, but we know that it most likely will never happen. It’s like a virus that we’ve been exposed to so many times, we have built up a resistance to it. (See what I did there?)

    The transition from Resident Evil 3 to 4 felt almost natural at this point in that it focused a little more on action rather than fear. And lets face it, the Resident Evil universe needed to evolve. Movies and video games have always benefited from action, but too much action results in games like Resident Evil 5 where the action and horror aspects of the game were so far apart that it wasn’t even funny. So it was only natural that Capcom decided to improve upon this in Resident Evil 6. Much to my surprise they did a very good job in blending the two genres together. The coupling of the two as well as realistic aiming, fantastic story telling and amazing gameplay brought to me a new feeling of Shock and Awe(some).

    Now I hope and pray that Capcom continues to improve on the foundation that Resident Evil 6 had laid.

    But…where do we go from here?

  • I like how this giveaway became: “Submit a comment, then dislike good entries because you want a better chance at winning” Lol. Im not even going to bother at this point. But really guys, 10-15 dislikes for following the rules? Silly.

  • Clara Reed

    No love for Canada Q_Q

  • Sorry If I’m late. The comment box wasn’t working for me yesterday. I just got off work and was like, let me see if it works now.


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