reHorror: Resident Evil 2 turns 15

Year after year, it’s always the same scenario for me. The latest entry in (insert series name here) comes out after much hype and anticipation. I rush out to purchase the game and return home just as quickly. I spend a good amount of time with it, enough to see it the whole way through (sometimes being a completionist, sometimes not). However, after I see the credits roll, it’s right back to business. And by business I mean Resident Evil 2.

Is it possible to keep playing a game regularly 15 years after its original release? Well, that’s exactly the case with me and Resident Evil 2, my favorite game of all time.

Amidst all the big triple A releases every year, Resident Evil 2 is always the game I constantly come back to. Call it obsession, I don’t care, games just aren’t this good anymore, sadly, especially survival horror games. You see, I truly consider Resident Evil 2 one of the absolute best survival horror games ever developed, it’s a true masterpiece in its genre. And while Resident Evil 4 is considered by some as the best in the series, to me, no entry has succeeded in surpassing and dethroning the game that showed us the world of survival horror through the dual perspectives of Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield.

Gamers already experienced the mansion incident in the Arklay mountains with the release of the original Resident Evil, now it was time to venture through Raccoon City during the events of the T-Virus outbreak. Zombies, zombies everywhere!

Resident Evil 2 saw the debut of both rookie cop Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield. It was Leon’s first day as a cop in Raccoon City, and his welcome party consisted of zombie-littered streets. Yeah, they partied hard, straight to death! Claire, on the other hand, was searching for her brother, Chris, who starred in the original game alongside Jill Valentine. While offering two separate characters to play as wasn’t new in the series, due to the original also offering this feature, Resident Evil 2 took it a step further with its total of 4 main scenarios, with each character getting two (and how can we forget about the unlockable HUNK and Tofu scenarios!).

Canon debate aside, both characters’ A and B scenarios were amazing. My personal preference is playing Claire A then Leon B. But that’s just me. For a while I actually preferred the opposite. But the entire game is just completely memorable and provides some truly thrilling moments, thanks to the presence of William Birkin and Mr.X. The former being, in my opinion, the best and most tragic baddie in the series.

Regardless of the order you play the scenarios, you’re in for quite a memorable and scary ride overall. Yes, Resident Evil 2 is actually scary. I say “is” instead of “was” because I still jump a few feet from my chair at some of the abrupt pop-up scares as I’m exploring the RPD station. Then I scream at myself for not remembering them. Good times. From the aforementioned pop-up frights, to the Lickers and Mr. X confrontations, I still get creeped out by this game. Which just proves how much of a masterpiece in its genre it truly is. The game also introduced us to Ada and Sherry, who have gone on to become significant additions to the series’ cast of beloved characters. Though it took way too long for Sherry to return…But hey, now she’s back!

So today we celebrate Resident Evil 2’s 15th anniversary. That does really make one feel old, huh? I think it’s about damn time for Capcom to finally announce their plans for a remake of this classic. That would be the best way to celebrate the game’s anniversary this year. Big E3 reveal, anyone?

Wow, I’ve been playing Resident Evil 2 for 15 years…Well, here’s to 15 more!

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  • Residentevilforgoodnesssake

    I remember being 8 and renting it from blockbuster with my brother and being BLOWN AWAY that it had 2 discs. (I of course bought it soon after).

    I also remember thinking, during the first encounter with the ceiling licker, that it was a slimy old lady monster because it’s brain looked like a curly white wig!

    I don’t play this game enough, I’ll have to get it out for it’s anniversary fo sho!


    Glad I got that out of my system.
    Until RE3’s anniversary…

  • Re2 Fan

    Would love this and these are the things I would love to see added to it:

    The game play style of the 3ds revaluations and the graphics of res 6 with first person aiming.

    The few story additions added in the wii shoot em up (ada’s and hunks made into full and long scenarios, tofu being a costume change for hunk with different weapons and the Marvin story added).

    Combining it with resi 3 so you have 12 scenarios for Leon/Claire a+b and c leading to a new additions to the story by things Jill has done (including a few Leon/Claire with Jill and Carlos and Nemesis encounter) and vice versa for Jills a (ending a choices with Leons/Clairs scenario a), b (ending b choices with Leons/Claire b), c (ending c stand alone scenario choice when you finish Jill a+b and retells her story as it was in res 3 with out any Claire or Leon interference) and finally Jill d which is her new encounters Leon and Claire. (hope I coverd all posibilitys?

    Brining back crimson heads, the fat police zombie, ape monster thingy and German Shepard dogs from resi 1.5 and a few new monsters in the new scenario c and for Jill d including a new bosses.

    Dare I dream?

  • RE2 was my indoctrination to survival horror! it deserves a spectacular remake! 😀

    • sas_the_virtuous

      So it was for me too;) The first couple of times I played though I could not even reach the gunshop without dying lol

      • haha me too! that opening scene was just too intense for new players

  • truly a game thats a masterpiece. all these years and the game that hooked me to resident evil is still amazingand entertaining

  • ariessiren

    re3 was my fave, but 2 is up there. the alligator scared me to death the 1st time lol. great game!! hope its eventually remade

  • Benjamin May

    I remember the wait for this game to be released was unbarable! Thank heaven for Resident Evil Director’s Cut!

    By the way, slightly off-topic, @RE_Games has tweeted that Resident Evil Revelations is coming to Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U and PC on May 21st in North America and May 24th in Europe.


  • SecretX

    i don’t mind playing the classics. what i really want is another great resident evil game with a better story. it is very sad that resident evil is going down hill and the only way fans could see it fix is by remaking old games.

  • Resident Evil 1 Remake

    Resident Evil 1 Remake (Dolphin Emulator,PC Version)

  • Alabama

    Resident Evil 2 is my favorite video game of all time. I didn’t get to play it back when it came out (Cause I wasn’t even born yet.) But, I got in on my Birthday a year ago, and my friends didn’t think it’d be scary due to its graphics, but they screamed like hell. The 90s was the ultimate era of videogames, movies, and music. After 2000, everything got really crappy.
    I’d love to see RE2 remade. You’ve never seen Racoon city with the old-gaming style and modern graphics at the same time (Except the mansion.) But, why not?

  • Third Nibble

    To honour Resi2’s birthday we made a video celebrating the man, the myth, the legend, Leon Kennedy. Give it a watch 🙂


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