Always a bridesmaid…

You’ve probably heard of the old saying, “always a bridesmaid, never a bride.”  We’re starting to get the feeling that fans of Barry Burton might be wondering when its his turn to return to the spotlight.

Rumours are swirling around the Internet that Barry Burton might show up in DLC aimed for Resident Evil Revelations.  Gamingtruth has reported that in the latest issue of Nintendo Power, producer Masachika Kawata had the following to say.

He’s definitely a possibility if we do create any DLC for the game.

It’s a little on the vague side.  Anything is ‘possible’ but are they going to do it?  Probably not, considering that we reported back in January that Revelations isn’t equipped to handle DLC.  Chris Svensson stated that the game just wasn’t built that way.  Or written that way.

The game would have needed to have had the hooks built into it to accept future DLC.  That is not the case

A little disappointing, even more so for fans of the former STARS team member.  It brings another situation to light, probably one that you’ve read us gripe about before.

The Resident Evil universe is full of characters.  In fact, each new game released brings with it a host of new characters.  For instance, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City introduced Umbrella’s Wolf Pack, Revelations introduced a whole slew of new comrades, Resident Evil 5 let us get to know the B.S.A.A. West African division.  Granted in the latest installments of the series, you never really got to find out a whole lot about these characters.

We’re probably better off not knowing, because they’re one-shot supplementary characters.  The Resident Evil series uses supplementary characters like they’re Q-tips.  Use em once and give em a toss – maybe twice if you’re desperate.

I could have used a much more disgusting product analogy here…

The only recurring protagonists are Chris, Jill, Leon and Claire.  These are obviously the most popular protagonists, but there are still a lot of popular characters out there that fans would love to see return to the limelight.  Not just as an unlockable character for Mercenaries, but starring in their own full-fledged game, or even missions.

Resident Evil 6 looks to resurrect some old pals, but right now it’s all speculation.  Who would you like to see make a grand return to centre stage in a future Resident Evil game?  Let us know in the comments section or on our Facebook page!


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  • I think a game featuring Barry and Rebecca could be an interesting mix of brute firepower shoot-em up and scientific investigation. The two characters could exist in a game as two campaigns with a different set of goals and they could periodically cross paths to lend assistance by way of zapping.

    Just what the modern Resident Evil games need!

  • Sas_the_virtuous

    Sad though it might be, I LOLed so hard reading this post. Excellent job!!:D

  • William Coen would be a great surprise

  • RedX

    it’s kinda dumb that we got more info on sheva past in RE5 then any other RE character.

    • Guest

      And? So? You obviously wouldn’t appreciate her character more with or without it. And your statement is false. Secondary characters, such as Billy and Steve, have so revealed their pasts in the course of their respective adventures. Revealing their back stories contributes to the choices they make later in the game. In Sheva’s case, you understand why she joined the BSAA, and it’s that motivation to protect her people that made her stick by Chris, seeing that they needed each other.

      • RedX


        True that i wouldn’t care about her but that’s because we could have gotten more info on others instead they just wrote a whole file about her. Billy and Steve were give really short past Sheva was giving more. I understand her motivation but when they found Jill it really didn’t matter anymore Jill could have gone because she had better motivation to go with Chris instead of Sheva.

  • Iceweb38

    This article brought another thing in light: Kawata keeps saying shit to shut the RE fans mouth up.

    Remember when everyone was whining about Leon not being in The Mercenaries 3DS? Kawata said back then “Leon is already in ORC, he can’t be in Mercs3D too” and “if fans want him so much, he could be considered as dlc” which they obviously never intended to do.

    And now this, despite the fact that Sven confirmed long ago Revelations wasn’t built for DLC.
    That guy really thinks that low of the RE fans and consumers. -_-‘

    • Gogp12

      When I heard Kawata’s comment on ORC, I thought okay, that means Leon will be playable and blah blah blah but when you play the game, he’s like in 3 really really short cutscenes, and only playable in Heroes mode.but what are you chances as playing him when everyone goes quickly to him and Jill. Claire Redfield in ORC and So is Jill yet they’re in Mercenaries 3D. If Revelations could handle so much, I’m pretty sure Mercenaries 3D could have handled a bit more.

      Perhaps we’ll get mini Heroes mission since the game was extracted 99% of the actual game right before launch. So perhaps in upcoming months through DLC.

      If only we could get a heroes co-op horde mode.

    • Yeah, because Sven who handles marketing & other non-game developing stuff at Capcom-Unity sure knows a lot more than Kawata about Resident Evil Revelations. Considering that Kawata MADE THE GAME.


  • Kaine

    Since Jill, Leon, Chris and Claire seem to forever be cursed to fight B.O.W.S for the rest of their lives, I think it would be neat to find out that our other protagonists went on to lead normal lives and left survival horror behind. I could see Rebecca working in the medical profession somewhere. Maybe Barry is chilling behind a counter at a 7 Eleven, etc.

    • Gogp12

      More like Barry owning his own Bar somewhere in Big Bear or something with Animal heads on his wall. He seems like a country, in the woods type of man.

      • Kaine

        Lol, I agree, I could totally see him doing that.

  • OverCasanova

    I want Claire.

  • Will Roberts

    Sherry Birkin needs to return. It would also be nice if RE5 had an “Epilogue” section after completion to see what other characters were up to like RE3.

  • Tigerspaw16

    I’d say that by now Claire no longer shares the title of “protagonist” like her brother, Jill or Leon are.

  • Bromeus

    Capcom should really just stop making resident evil and concentrate on some new IP’s.

    • Faceman


  • Gast0n

    I would like to see tofu again xD
    And why not jillsandwich as a character :O

  • Henrik

    I remember reading the producers of Operation Raccoon city said if it sold well Barry would be in the sequel.

    Seeing as ORC disappointed a few(alot?) I wonder if we will ever see a ORC 2 starring Barry then?

    Nontheless I am one of those that believes Barry needs too be in atleast one canon title before the RE saga ends.

    And as a protaganist or one of two playable Protaganist not sidecharacter,cameo or mercenary character this time.

    People tends to bring up his age when they discuss his reason NOT too appear.

    Those people seem to forgotten Mark from Outbreak series who where 50+ and
    One of Forbidden Siren protaganist Akira was in his 70’s running around killing of undead Shibitos with his hunting rifle.

    One who of the character Siren player liked the most.

    Age should not matter if the character is a healthy one.

    But maybe just maybe we will see Jill and Barry tag team again in a RE6 dlc?
    Or Claire and Barry as Claire should know Barry by now seeing as he knew her brother since before STARS.

    • windice

      i thot barry retired but i would like to see rebeca of course and i hope we see the girl from dead aim in 6. perfect setting for her.

  • TrueAnakin09

    I’m gonna be original here and say Ashley Graham. Kinda disappointed that she won’t be in RE6. Yeah, yeah, throw your stones now.

    • Faceman

      Leon, Leon, Hey Leon, LEONNN, Over Here HELLLPPP lol
      I don’t mind Ashley Graham as long as they have an option that mutes just her…

  • Gogp12

    I’d like to see Carlos again. Its funny how after a sequel is made, Characters never seem to mention anything of past characters.

    Maybe we can play as Ada. But I feel Barry and Rebecca are the most relateable characters in the RE universe.

    Barry is a family man with good morals and values while Rebecca portrays the way how many of us would be during a zombie invasion. First she starta of scared but becomes brave throughout time and even so , she still shows fear by screaming and yelling OH NO! while Jill and Chris seem as if they grew up with zombies.

    Didn’t Billy Coen have more history that Sheva?

  • Iceweb38
    • Janus

      Thanks for the update, iceweb!

  • Barry was already the star of an RE game. RE: Gaiden. A terrible, terrible, terrible game.

    I’d like to see Billy and Ashley again.

  • Sam Bulle

    Funny that you mentioned Claire as part of the popular group, since she hasn’t had a game cannon appereance since Code Veronica. I don’t want to be a party crasher here, but I think Capcom already gave her the q-tip treatment years ago, and that’s something most of her fans (me included) had not been able to accept yet.

    The thing is Chris, Jill and Leon are still working for organizations that fight the viruses treath directly, they are still frontliners, Claire retired years ago, she even rejected a proposition to join in again when Leon asked her, in Degeneration, she’s an activist now, not a combatant.

    They already pulled the “you fight because you are in the wrong place at the wrong time” idea on her with Degeneration, they wasted that card on a movie…so how many times do you think they can repeat that before we start call them out on their bullshit?

    There’s just not a plausible and credible way to get Claire back to the action without reinstate her as a fighter and throw away all her character developement and the decision lay down her weapons and find another way to do her part.

    Sadly that character developement is exactly what keeps her away from the spotlight we so much want her back on. Characters like Barry and Rebecca would be way more logic to make a return because we haven’t heard that they retired, they could totally still be fighting somwhere, that is not the case with Claire.

    As much as it pains me to say this, peaceful activists do not sell action games, and I do not think Capcom has the intentions to give her a new job anytime soon.

    We will always have RE2 and Code Veronica.

  • Savior

    RE6 better have an Epilogue like RE3 did.

  • petrol


  • Manos17

    I’d like to see Rebecca Chambers, Barry Burton, Carlos Oliviera and DEFINITELY Claire Redfield!!!!!


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