Whispers’ time this weekend, send us your questions

Did you hear? There will be another recording of our podcast! Isn’t that, like, amazing? You should totally leave us some questions. It’s like, crazy.

Did you know we do a podcast? Pfft, ’cause now you do. Get to it!

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  • Two questions:

    1 Did you folks experience anything supernatural or paranormal?

    2 if any of you were a ghost, what would you do?

    • Didn’t CJ say he’d follow Whitney to the grocery store and lick all her apples!? ^o^ (As Rourke would say… “Oh my!” XD)

      • Guess that’s CJ’s thing if he becomes a ghost XD. Did the others mention anything about this?

  • That Guy

    Why are you typing like a valley girl?

  • 1. Is there gonna’ be anymore sing-songs on the podcast? I just re-listened to the ‘All I want for Christmas’ one and practically fell on the floor XD Maybe you could do ‘This is Haloween’ for… you know… Halloween! 😛

    2. Individual questions! *cough* totally didn’t copy Rem *cough* XD

    CJ: Why are Teddie’s words so warm and fuzzy? Also what’s your best Bear related pun? (Then again I don’t know if I can BEAR it… XD)
    Whitney: Would you recommend someone wanting to get into DP with the new game (eg: Me) reading up on how to get some specific items that would make playing it for the first time more enjoyable? (eg: The quick travel device, The guitar)
    Rourke: What are your thoughts on the RWBY Black Trailer? Also what did you think about the voice acting?
    Kyle: What do you prefer the Game Of Thrones novels or the TV show?

    (One word answers are fine…. um… er… I just realised I could have asked half of these questions on Ask.fm so…. *pauses*)

    P.S That picture definitely… FILLS MY DARK SOUL WITH LIIIGGGHHHTTT!!! XD

    • BAM! Whispers Crew! Secret Question! *backflips* What are your thoughts on the MGSV trailer?! Has David Hayter actually been replaced?! (I really don’t think he has!) Is Troy Baker the one who’s replacing him?! (Notice how the protagonist doesn’t even talk in the trailer!) Is that even Big Boss?! (It might not be… I mean FOX vs XOF!) Or is Kojima just fucking with us?! (I wouldn’t put it past him!) :O D: @_@ XD

  • What will you guys be doing to celebrate Swery’s 40th Birthday on Sunday 14th April?

  • Where’s the video with Cj dancing to Girls Want to Have Fun?

  • What is your secret to being classy Mademoiselle MonoSwagDawg?


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