Video: Aliens: Colonial Maroons

Greetings friends, how’s life been treating you? Happen to spend some quality time with your significant other over Valentine’s Day? On the most romantic day of the year, I spent some quality time alone with Aliens: Colonial Marines.  Let me tell you, it was a cruel mistress full of false promises, broken hearts, and  a distinct lack of sophisticated artificial intelligence.  It has left me wondering: “Is it too good for me or am I too good for it?”  (In actuality I didn’t wonder that at all because this game is absolutely abysmal)

Either way, this was a special time we shared together, and figured a montage was in order. So without further adieu, I present you the most intimate moments of my time with the game I call it Aliens: Colonial Maroons.

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  • I liked how the big bad alien queen just stood there and let you shoot her.XD

  • StuntmanSnake

    Shoulda’ made the “sophisticated artificial intelligence” line into a rap.

  • This illustrated the game’s problems better than most of the other videos floating around. I think it was the music.

  • Benjamin May

    I don’t see how any time spent with this game could ever be described as ‘quality’. 🙂

    But, yeah, playing through this game was an abysmal, joyless experience. I really liked the most recent of the Alien vs Predator game, in spite of its problems, but Aliens Colonial Marines was something else altogether.


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