Show us your holiday gifts!

We are aware that there’s more to the holidays than receiving gifts. Gifting to loved ones and spending precious time with them is where the real joy comes from, right? But let’s be honest, who doesn’t like unwrapping their new toys and rolling in the shredded paper with glee? I know I do, even if it’s digital paper for something on my computer.

Show and tell us what presents you’ve received (and given) for the holidays. Whether it something horror or not, post your holiday gifts in the comments below!

  • CJ Melendez

    I got a SoundBlaster Z soundcard, Tearaway, Nendoroid Teddie, Human Japanese Learning software, Grave of the Fireflies, Asura’s Wrath, ZOE HD Collection, Prince of Persia HD Collection

    • drachehexe

      I love Grave of the Fireflies

      • CJ Melendez

        Everyone is telling me that I’m going to feel shitty after I watch it.

        • drachehexe

          And you still won’t regret watching it.

          • CJ Melendez

            Sounds good to me!

  • Xander

    I got noting but gift cards: $50 JCPenny, $100 Gamestop, $50 Home Depot, $20 XBox 360, $50 for any Red Lobster or Olive Garden, and an IOU from my sister.
    I’d post a picture, but it’s not much to look at.

  • Tito

    Pretty much just clothes, but than my brother gave me a PS4. I totally was shocked & maybe shed a tear.

  • Casper Bronmans

    Persona 4: The Animation, some history magazines, Ender’s Game (the book), Emperor: The Blood of Gods (book), Ghost Recon and Mass Effect 1. Really loving the history magazines, one of them is a freaking archive of damn-near everything that happened in my country from 1930 till 1950.

  • D.j. Maupin

    My Christmas shopping began on Black Friday and I’m still waiting for a few hold overs to ship out.

    Got a ton of movies PS3 games and anime.

  • drachehexe

    Steam is giving out L4D2 free until 10am PST tomorrow fo rthos eodd few that don’t have it stil…

  • hbkwm14

    Doctor Who (Day of the Doctor, Time and Rani, Battlefield and Ghost light), Alice Cooper Zipper catches Skin, DMC Prequel comic, Breaking bad season 4, Marvel runaways True Believer and Final Joel Top from the Last of US from Insert coin Clothing.

  • Whitney Chavis

    My haul! I think the puppy is the best gift ever (got him in Sept but he was technically a Christmas/Birthday gift)

    – Francis York Morgan (puppy)
    – 3 Hunger Games: Catching Fire Barbies Katniss, Peeta, Finnick (Effie was sold out)
    – Xbox 360 wired controller
    – Man of Steel Lego set
    – Man of Steel Collectible Figurine Limited Edition Gift Set
    – Man of Steel Ornament
    – Two bottles of Seven Deadly Zins
    – Dog Poem Book
    – Assassin’s Creed Black Flag Limited Edition (Xbox 360)
    – Doge figure

  • Brent Cook

    I’m utterly inundated with new games; Batman: Arkham Origins, MGS Legacy Collection, Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMix, Dead Space 3, The Last of Us, The Walking Dead GOTY Edition, and Gone Home. Plus, I’m still breeding my team in Pokémon X, and I have a few more missions in GTAV! Considering I missed the last two great Survival Horror games, I feel obligated to play them first, but I’ve been dying to beat up some baddies as the Caped Crusader for a while now. Any suggestions as to what I should play first?