Resident Evil Video: REmake REcollection & Burned Skin Rhythmn Beats

The first of three videos for Resident Evil’s 15th anniversary, we start them off with the strangest of all of them: a recollection of Resident Evil REmake… Accompanied by the techno rhythm beats of Burned Skin, the composer that played the original credits rock song in the original Resident Evil for PSX. Why? Well, why not? As Resident Evil turns 15, let’s recollect what started it all… Though the remake is the official canon of what happened and quite possibly one of the best remakes in video game history, so let’s take a moment and DANCE!!…And recollect the game (and it’s remake) that popularized and defined Survival-Horror.

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  • NICE!

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  • KoRnCreep

    There is no game on the planet, or will ever be that can beat Resident Evil, especially RE GCN Remake, that wos last and the best Resident Evil. Imagine RE or RE2 remade for PS3 with clasic cameras/controls prerendered 1080p backgrounds, that would look like a movie…

  • good video 🙂


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