Giveaway: Epic Resident Evil Swagbag


Rely on Horror may be a great source for horror gaming news now, but it started as a place for Resident Evil fans to hang out. We haven’t forgotten those roots, and now we are giving one lucky fan a chance to win some cool Resident Evil merchandise for their own collection.

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Included in the goodies are a Resident Evil Biohazard eco shopping bag, the 20th Anniversary Coin, A Raccoon City Police pin, an Umbrella Corps pin, a Resident Evil Biohazard lanyard, a paper fan with the original infected design, and two 14 inch bandanas- one with the original infected, and the other with the Umbrella Corps mask.

The giveaway is being hosted by Gleam, which has actions you can track from one central site for entries to the contest. Start by adding a comment here with your favorite Resident Evil character, then use the Gleam page to check out our other pages for more great content from the Rely on Horror team. The contest closes Monday night, so get your entries in and check back for an announcement Tuesday to see if you won. Good luck!
Resident Evil Swag Giveaway

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  • Silas R

    My favorite RE character is Ada tbh, she’s so cool

  • Brandon Taylor Smith

    Claire Redfield!

  • William Penkeyman

    Barry Burton is my favourite RE character, always liked the extra help in gave to Jill in RE1!

  • USO


  • Aligar

    That is a nice little goodie bag, would really love that coin and those bandannas, in particular!

  • Matej Klucka

    My favorite is Jill Valentine – the first lady I entered the world of survival horror with

  • Jose Cedeño

    My favorite RE character is Jill Valentine!

  • Scott

    My favourite character is Jill. I started RE on the Sega Saturn back in 1997 just before my tenth birthday and she was the first character I played. Despite being trained and a part of STARS I felt that she was a bit more ‘vulnerable’ than Chris and just a better, more relatable character to play. Then after beating the game and starting a new game as Chris I realised she was basically easy mode. Oh.

    Of course then she was amazing in Nemesis which just made me like the character more.

    I find Jill the most interesting character to play throughout the series. Just wish she had more of an impact in more recent games!

  • Jay Molden

    My favorite character is the Merchant from RE4… WHADYA BUYIN?

  • Wuvein

    That would be Jill Valentine

  • Liseah

    Albert Wesker!

  • Ricardo Costa

    Leon Scott Kennedy, RE4 <3

  • Wesker <3

  • Melanie Walker

    Thanks this is a awesome giveaway

  • Melanie Walker

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway. My favorite character is leon ❤

  • John Mayorga

    Favorite RE character, Albert Wesker!

  • Bobby Tarantino

    My fav RE character ..Ada Wong!

  • Mr.Csquared

    Claire Redfield all the way!

  • Evan Jones

    Chris Redfield — series star, badass.

  • Tofu! He helps zombies to eat healthier! ^_^

  • RT21UT

    Some swag from the tour, very nice.

  • Necrocyde

    Favorite Character is Lisa Trevor. Her story is beautifully tragic and was the first Resident evil enemy that you cared for and felt bad for taking down.

  • Grand Theft длgel hellrazor

    Fucking love you ROH

  • SgtKirby

    My favorite character is Barry!

  • Nepsotic

    My vote goes to Leon’s hair. The man knows how to condition.

  • Arin Rohm

    This is awesome and my favorite character has always been Nicholai, you have to love that guy and his sly methods of getting what he wants.

  • Amanda G

    Am I allowed to pick Tyrant? My favorite BOW!

  • Evan Eugene Blake Maxwell

    I’d have to say Claire Redfield is my favorite. She wasn’t a trained professional, but still managed to survive multiple outbreaks with her unique brand of badass. Also you have to love her snarky attitude haha!

  • David Shocker

    If I had to pick, Chris Redfield

  • TheSvenBo

    William Birkin. I also found his character and his transformations complex.

  • Lucas Santos

    My favorite is Jill

  • Sthsqtch

    I enjoy Sheva Alomar for the costumes and the bow.

  • chris1138

    Jill Valentine.

  • Scott

    Claire Redfield!

  • Torcher 13

    My favorite character is Albert Wesker

  • Rebecca Smith

    Jill of course!

  • Rebekah Oldenampsen

    My favourite RE character… well this is such a difficult question lol. I would say Leon and Ada! also the swagbag is so cool TT___TT)~

  • Daniel Moran


  • Anthony Jaggers

    I honestly like Ethan. Besides we don’t know much about him, he’s just an average Joe stuck in a bad situation. And I love that.

  • Hanno

    Jill, of course

  • AnAlcoholic

    Geralt of Rivia

    • Destiny Maddox


  • Ghost

    Claire Redfield! She’s a badass.
    Btw that goodie bag is perfect for storing Jill Sandwiches!

  • Ronald Oliver

    Alice is my favorite Resident Evil character from the movies!

  • Doppelganchor

    Merchant is best. Always.

  • Isaac

    Yawn. Such a pretty snake.

  • Anthonie Mccay


  • EvilResident

    Claire Redfield for sure.

  • Lancevfx

    Favorite RE character is Tofu. lol

  • Richard Mason

    Favourite character is Chris Redfield in alternative costume 3

  • Jamie Moore

    Has to be Jill. Though Leon is a close 2nd.

  • Xzavier Rodriguez

    Gotta go with Chris Redfield

  • Ethan


  • Jason O

    Best character is a no-brainer… Ramon Salazar from RE4 of course!

  • Guilherme Teruya

    Favorite character: Ada Wong 🙂

  • TomTom Edward Ward

    It has to be Leon

  • Whitney Chavis

    Jill Valentine 😀

  • Rainbowninja Catgaming

    I loved RE7 do you think redfield is Chris?

  • Evanesce Kunoichi

    Jill Valentine!

  • Mike


  • Devin M

    Chris Redfield because he dives through windows

  • red-cat_ex


  • Gleb Konstantinovich Golubev

    It`s Jill of course ))

  • Fistigons

    Wesker is the ultimate bad guy. I love his moves.

  • Brandon Sparks

    My favorite Resident Evil character is Jill Valentine of course.

  • Michael Foster

    Just in time; I need more fix of Resident Evil as I am on this nostalgic high.

  • Chris Antwine

    Hey relyonhorror, I remember when you guys were Anyway my favorite character is Chris Redfield because nevermind the muscles or the guns, he’s got the heart, mind and spirit of a survivor!

  • Camerhonez


  • Aaron Bird

    Always and forever Albert Wesker, my Wesky <3 I think it's the power trip but he makes me feel things

  • My favorite character is Wesker. *screams from the top of my lungs* Praise our Lort and saviour Wesker!

  • Danielle W.

    My favorite character is Claire Redfield.

  • Alice has always been my favorite.

  • Malakaz

    Jill Valentine!

  • Louie C Destreza

    My favorite and will always be Leon. Once afraid of this game when I was a child. But then RE4 came out and blows my mind.. So yeah I played RE2 just so I can play with Leon as a character again. And now.. I’m not afraid to say.. I still play (not done yet) Leon on RE6 campaign

  • Paul Garrett

    RE: 7 was one of the best games i’ve played in a long time.

  • Leon Custer


  • Alexandra Power


  • hunkbiohazard

    Hunk the 4th Survivor!

  • Manon Rieden

    Claire Redfield

  • Aartsbok

    The reason I bought a VR 🙂

  • Leon ❤️

  • Sean Sauceda

    Jill Valentine!

  • PEchiOnlajn

    My fav is Jack Baker , wish to know more about the family ….

  • Nookingtons

    I like every character except Jake.


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