From The Forum: Critically bashed games that you loved

Sometimes a game comes out that you really love, but all the big magazines and websites that you visit end up giving it low scores and say mean things about it in their reviews. Of course, you shouldn’t let the opinion of others change your own, so today we would like to highlight a forum thread all about the games that are special to you even though nobody else seems to like them.

Do you think Clive Barker’s Jericho was an excellent follow-up to Undying? Was Amy a perfect game to start off 2013? Or did nobody even hear about your favorite at all? Share it with us today and see if there’s like-minded individuals out there after all. I already nominated Wolfenstein 2006 myself, but F.E.A.R. 3 and F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin are also good contenders in my opinion.

The forum thread can be found here.

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  • qqryq

    I don’t know why i like Clive Barker’s Jericho. More, ilove this game. Maybe because of unique in-game mechanics, or maybe because of great storyline,
    gorgeously creepy visuals and sounds, combat system that
    allowed you to change your play-style on the fly, something that had
    never been attempted to this point in the level and the depth this game

    Or maybe for all of it plus
    ABSOLUTE phenomenal music score composed by Cris Velasco. I love it. Critically bashed… Well, this is always matter of individual liking. There are so many critically acclaimed AAA big tittles which are just waste of time and money.
    And yes: Clive Barker’s Jericho was an excellent follow-up to Undying, which is cult game for me…

    • Casper Bronmans

      I have never had the chance to play it yet, but every time I see a screenshot of that game, it scares the piss out of me. It looks incredibly original to me, which is exactly why I loved Undying too. Here’s hoping I’ll find a hole for it this year!

      • qqryq

        This is a game that you should give a try. Do it man 🙂 ..

        • Pablo Iranzo

          I never played undying or never knew until know that it existed, but Jericho was an incredible game. It was bashed by the media? I wasn’t paying attention back then. The soundtrack is creepy as hell, the settings are wonderful and scary (berlin made a huge impression on me) and all the creatures were creepy and so much of the game was memorable except for the somewhat fast ending. It’s a bit of a guilty pleassure in the end, since I find that Clive Barker is a dick , that at least is the impression I get from reading a few interviews.

  • Andrey Martim

    My ones = Okami and Call of Duty Ghosts, Okami is a piece of art, one of the greatest games i’ve ever playied. Ghosts is a gem in CoD… Okay, the MP isn’t the best, but the SP, Extinction, Squads… All this gave the game a great replay factor and a degree of difference against the other CoD’s… Also, Michael Myers FTW.

    • Casper Bronmans

      I only recently got to play Okami due to not owning a Playstation 2 before and was blown away. Awesome choice, man.

      • Andrey Martim

        The first time I’ve played Okami was monts ago, when I get the HD Remake on PS3.


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